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The Salvation Army is One of the Organizations Responding to the Fire Situation in British Columbia.



The Emergency Disaster Services Director for the Salvation Army in Canada Perron Goodyear says with the current wildfire situation in BC monetary donations are the best way for people to help.  He says the best way to do that is either by calling 1-800-sal-army or they can make a donation on their website www.salvationarmy.ca/bcfire and those donations will go directly to assist with their effort throughout the province of BC.  He explains they encourage folks to make monetary donations for a number of reasons including they can get items that they specifically need for those who have been impacted right away and get it there very quickly and whenever possible they try to purchase their supplies as close to the impacted area as possible to help stimulate the local economy which often takes a hit during these types of situations as well.


The Salvation Army currently has teams in the region to assist with meals as well as emotional and spiritual support.

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