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You Are Encouraged to Join People Across Canada in Fishing This Summer.



This is National Fishing Week sponsored by the Canadian National Sport Fishing Foundation for the past 16 years.  Their Multimedia Correspondent Sarah McMichael says the idea is to encourage Canadians to get away from technology and other distractions and start or get back to fishing.  She says every year it’s gotten bigger and bigger and they’re really happy to see that happening.  She says they are finding that Canadians are really receptive to this as its something Canadians are so passionate about, adding Canadians have been fishing for generations, it’s a Canadian heritage activity so its something that people really care about and she thinks people really value the opportunity to get outdoors and appreciate this wonderful Canadian landscape we have that gives us so many amazing opportunities to go fishing.


For information on how to get started fishing visit their website www.catchfishing.com.


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