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A Berry Growing in the North May Benefit Health and Business.


A small red fruit called lingonberries found growing in the wild in northern regions of Canada has the potential to become a valuable crop for Canadian growers.                                


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada report the lingonberry found in northern Manitoba is closely related to the blueberry and cranberry which are also high in anti-oxidants adding the benefits of lingonberries and their juice may go even further with preliminary studies suggesting there is potential to help prevent weight gain, high sugar and cholesterol levels. As well new research from Dr. Chris Siow who is a principal investigator with the Canadian Center for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine at St. Boniface Hospital is showing that lingonberries may also contribute to healthy kidneys.


Dr. Siow says they plan to continue with their studies along with other studies across the country to validate early results adding the berries will also be of interest to growers as they may provide new business opportunities.

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