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Community Newspapers Still Have an Important Role To Play.


Reminder Publisher Valerie Durnin asked the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday if they believe newspapers are dying. She said while large daily newspapers are struggling because information is available online community newspapers are still an important part of a community.  She explained when it comes to community newspapers and what they print, their stories are about smaller locations and they’re very tightly focuses on the communities that they work in.  She said for her its where optimism comes from, its from the people in communities who are doing things to make the world a better place and the community newspapers are able to go down to the level of people in various small towns and say what is it your doing, what are you passionate about, why are you doing it and so many of those things make the world better.


Durnin added they make sure the community has the information they need noting the top priorities for readers are local news, community news and events and happenings and they provide this information in their paper and website.  She adds with publishing once a week their content is highly focused on the community.

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