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Promoting Our Community was on the Minds of City Council.



At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Counil approved the spending of 15 hundred dollars to purchase a square on the Flin Flonopoly board being designed as a fund raiser for the Aqua Center Community Committee.  They also approved the spending of 4625 dollars to again purchase Z cards which are cost shared with Community Futures Greenstone.  The cards contain a map and information on the city and have proved to be very popular with tourists visiting the community.


Council passed on final reading all the bylaws relating to their 2017 financial plan as presented at a public meeting last month.


Council also received the Fire Chiefs report for April indicating 11 incidents with an estimated loss of 95 thousand dollars.  Councilor Ken Pawlachuk noted a couple incidents involved downed power lines warning if you come across downed lines don’t approach them as the may be live wires.  Mayor Cal Huntley noting recent incidents with vehicles advised its time for vehicles and walkers to stay off the ice.


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