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More of Us Are Recycling.

 Grace and Graham CraigLaVerne Hinzman


                                             with Deb Odegaard


The Flin Flon Environment Council held their annual meeting last night.  Recycling Centre Administrator Deb Odegaard reported they recycled 442 tonnes last year down 18 tonnes from the previous year but co-mingled materials were up 11 thousand tonnes.  She says this is encouraging as this material reflects residential recycling which means more people are recycling at home.


Odegaard added the red bag curbside service in Flin Flon continues to cover its costs, business pickup continues to be a major part of their operation, Creighton curbside pick up has greatly reduced garbage truck loads, Denare Beach is supporting the recycle program and the year round hazardous waste drop off depot at the Flin Flon landfill has been approved.


The Recycling Centre Community Champion Award was presented to Graham Craig, the Employee service award to Earl Crouse and the Board Member Award to LaVerne Hinzman for their volunteer work and support of the Centre.


The Recycling Program will celebrate 25 years in November.

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