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There Are Opportunities to Develop Youth Entrepreneurs.


General Manager Becky Cianflone spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday on Community Futures Greenstone.  She noted the purpose of the Community Futures program is to help communities develop and implement local solutions to local challenges and opportunities. She says one area they are working in is to encourage youth entrepreneurs giving as an example the Hapnot 20 time project. She explained they are allowed to spend 20 percent of their time for kind of an independent study project and it has to be focused on entrepreneurship, so the idea of something you could turn into a business.  She says they certainly see a gap in traditional education models in teaching kids about entrepreneurship and financial literacy and all these pieces that we need to grow successful business owners one day.


Cianflone said they have also been working with young people through their BizKids workshops, Frontier Collegiate’s Egg Lake Project and planning Biz Camps this summer in Flin Flon and Snow Lake, an Indigenous youth biz workshop and are looking at expanding programs for all ages through the school divisions.


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