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The Plan for a Northern Center Project Has Taken a Major Step Forward.


The North Central Canada Center for the Arts and Environment committee presented a feasibility study on their project last night. Their goal is to build a center in the Flin Flon area that will support and enrich our communities. The study recommends a building containing a theatre, visual arts spaces and a gallery, a common room and a selection of multipurpose rooms for events in addition to the arts with a cost estimated at 38.7 million dollars. Consultant Rick Schick says they have provided the committee with a guide they can use as they move forward.  He says as those things change the study is a guide so that you come back and you can start to manipulate some of the tables and some of the information that’s in there to provide a new look and a new budget as the project grows.


Schick says the committee can now determine funding, whether or not it’s a project they can proceed with and how many groups would be interested in using the Center and contributing to it.  He adds somebody has to say it’s something we need to do and find a way to make it happen.  The complete study can be found on their website www.ncccae.ca.

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