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The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Heard More About Plans for Regional Economic Development.


Denare Beach Mayor Carl Lentowicz, Flin Flon Mayor Cal Huntley and Creighton Administrator Paula Muench spoke to the Chamber yesterday.  Mayor Huntley said the idea of putting something together on a regional basis started about a year ago so it is still in the preliminary stages with the hiring of a Regional Economic Development Officer with 18 applications to review.  He says they are looking for opportunities and they’re looking to develop a resume for the region so we can market ourselves internationally and they don’t know what they can attract here but they’re sure going to work hard to find something a little bit different so they’ll diversify the economy in the transition from a mining community to more of a service center.


 Mayor Huntley there is progress in making us attractive as a service center with the new Co-op store planned, the upgrade at the hospital, interest in an arts center and our under utilized Mining academy all of which serve northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


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