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A Former Flin Flonners Book Looks at the First World War.



Melanie Martin came to Flin Flon with her family in 1979 at four years old.  She returned to Newfoundland in 1998 and developed an interest in its history resulting in her first book. She says the book A Splendid Boy is a story of the First World War as told through the lens of two young Newfoundlanders Daniel and Emma whose lives and love are torn apart by family class and the war.  She explains she’s been interested in the First World War for a long time and did a masters in Newfoundland history in Memorial University and became really interested in Newfoundland’s involvement in the First World War which was really unique because they weren’t a province of Canada at the time, they were a Dominion of Britain so their link to the Motherland when the War broke out is what you would consider now to be one of the most unique Canadian stories there is.


A Splendid Boy will be officially released on May 27th and will be available to buy online at chapters.ca, amazon.ca and amazon.com but is available for pre-order now.

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