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Flin Flon Can be an Even Greater Place to Live.


  The two candidates in the City Council byelection spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Tuesday.  Guy Rideout says he has practical ideas for solving some of our community’s challenges.  He says the ground work for the community is seniors and it would be nice to have something set up in places for them to park their hats.  He says recreation is a big thing with surrounding areas plus our own immediate people number one but it would be nice to work with everybody as we have to have something for the kids and other people to do and it would be nice to have something that involves seniors.  He says there’s all sorts of issues like our infrastructure which is in bad shape but we’re just going to have to bite the bullet and take baby steps at a time.


  Rideout adds there’s a need for services for homeless people, opportunities for businesses to grow and even though we are dependent on the mining industry there are other viable ideas that can be looked at.  He suggested looking at ideas to get people involved in the Flin Flon Clean and Green plan such as bringing back block parties as part of a neighborhood clean up and he says he’s easy to talk to.


We heard from the other candidate Colleen Arnold on yesterday’s news.

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