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Plans for an Upgrade to the Aqua Center are Moving Forward.

 Corey Thompson, Kara Plamondon, Tricia Tetlock


The Aqua Center Community Committee held a meeting last night to outline their plans for upgrading the Aqua Center.  Treasurer Corey Thompson reported he has been meeting with local groups and councils and is looking for funding from outside communities, service clubs and employers who will allow donations to be made through employee deductions.  He noted you need money in the bank before you can apply for grants.


Committee Chair Tricia Tetlock is going to talk to City Council on the option the committee selected for the pool which involves upgrading and expanding the present facility which is estimated to cost around 7.7 million dollars.


Vice-President Kara Plamondon is researching the availability and requirements for grants and is looking for help in writing and following up on applications for grants available locally, provincially and federally.


The Committees met following the presentation and developed ideas on fund raising, grant writing and building plans with fund raising being the starting point and will meet on a regular basis to develop those ideas with a need for more people to sit on the committees.

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