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You May Find the Next Ore Body.


The Northern Manitoba Mining Academy in Flin Flon is offering a prospecting course.  They say the day of the individual prospector walking and exploring the land with a rock hammer, map, hand lens and compass is not at an end as there are many ore bodies still waiting to be discovered by simple prospecting methods.  With that in mind the Academy’s Administrative Officer Elizabeth Andres says they are offering a two certificate program from UCN and the first one is Wilderness Safety Training which is a three week course and it prepares a student to be safe in the wilderness so that when they actually take the prospecting course they’re not going to hurt themselves.  She says the second portion would be the prospecting training and together the two programs become Introduction to Prospecting.


The course will run at the Academy from January 11th to March 4th.  You can get more information by contacting the Academy at 2 Hart Avenue, phone 204-687-7038 or email NMMA@UCN.ca.


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