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We Should Always Remember.


Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73 in Flin Flon held their annual Remembrance banquet Saturday night.  Guest speaker Father Paul Bringleson praised the Legion for what they and veterans represent in our community.  He says our relationships influence our lives and we should remember the influence of our veterans and when we pause on November 11th at 11 o’clock that’s our collective willingness to acknowledge that our lives have been influenced and changed by men and women that we may have never known but we are able to enjoy that which has been given and provided for us because they believed that the needs of their neighbors were more important than their own.


Bringleson says the mystery of Remebrance Day is how do we explain how thousands of men and women leave home and lay down their lives for people they don’t know adding we should remember that sacrifice.


Service pins were presented with the top award going to Fred Williamson with 50 years.


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