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Flin Flon is Number Nine out of Ten.


 A recent Canadian Federation of Independent Business report ranked Manitoba’s 26 largest municipalities by their operating spending growth in relation to their population growth.  Manitoba Director of Provincial Affairs Elliot Sims says Flin Flon ranked 9th among Manitoba’s 10 largest cities and towns but Flin Flon fares better when it comes to spending growth.  He says their spending growth has been zero over the last six years so they’ve done a good job but unfortunately they’re dealing with population decline which means that even they are starting to come into trouble for the level of operating spending.


The report states in Flin Flon from 2008 to 2013 inflation adjusted spending growth was stagnant while population declined by 2 percent. It adds sustainable spending growth saved Flin Flon residents 4.4 million dollars over six years adding our spending growth is driven by labor costs which account for 39 percent of the municipal operating budget. Inflation adjusted labor costs in the city increased nine percent.


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