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Plans Continue to Move Forward for the Flin Flon Aqua Center.



Recreation Manager Mike Dubreuil held a meeting last night to form a committee to develop plans for upgrading the Aqua Center.  Due to a low turnout that was moved to the next meeting sometime in late June.


Discussion was held on funding that could be available for the project.  Dubreuil says there is new federal funding called the Canada 150 Fund and he understands there will soon be a major announcement on provincial funding that could also be available for this type of project.


Dubreuil says the committee will among other things choose what option to go for.  They range from renovations to meet the building codes at 150 thousand dollars all the way up to a new larger Center at a cost of around 17 million with the middle options the most appealing including renovations and expansion of the present facility.


It was again mentioned this should be a regional pool with financial support from the Saskatchewan government as well as from all surrounding communities that use the Aqua Center.


Dubreuil received the first donation toward the project, 540 dollars in memory of Charlene Logan from her pool buddies and friends.


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