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The City is Holding its Spending.

 The City of Flin Flon’s financial plan for this year was presented last night.  The total budget is just over 12.6 million dollars the same as last year.  The mill rate is set at 44.38 for residential property down 3.56 percent from last year and 55.99 for commercial down 2.47 percent from last year.


Treasurer Glenna Daschuk reported all departments held their budgets but there were some necessary increases that were offset by a 13 percent reduction in capital spending.  Some of the larger expenditures include hospital sewer and water relocation 120 thousand, Channing Drive utility upgrade 130 thousand and Community Hall Boiler replacement 200 thousand.  Two major expenditures are to be borne by borrowing 2.6 million for the Northern Bus garage purchase and one million towards the water treatment plant.


Finance Chair Colleen McKee says Council will continue to look at ways to save money.


    The city is waiting for a decision from the Municipal Board on extending the special services levy to cover police and fire costs. The reduction in the mill rate was designed to offset this increase.  If the levy is not approved the mill rate will have to change.


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