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Flinty is Number One.

 Travel Manitoba held a contest to determine Manitoba’s top roadside attraction.  People were asked to vote online last week on their choice from 32 roadside attractions across the province and when the voting ended Friday our statue of Flintabatty Flonatin was number one.  The Chair of the Flinty Committee Dave Price says it’s a magnificent win.  He says the Flinty statue is a stand out in the community and a big tourist attraction visible from the highway to anyone going by and in the summer time the Flinty committee has Flinty’s birthday party in the park right there.  He says he thinks on behalf of the Flinty committee its fantastic for Flin Flon and hopefully it will bring in lots of tourists this coming summer season.


The prize is bragging rights but Travel Manitoba notes on their website maybe it’s fitting that the only place in Canada named after a science fiction character who discovered streets of gold is the one that actually takes home the gold.



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