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Our Member of Parliament Says the Conservatives Need to Look at Northern Food Prices.

 The New Democratic Party is urging the Conservatives to take immediate action to fix the Nutrition North Program. Churchill MP and NDP Aboriginal Affair critic Niki Ashton says a new Statistics Canada study shows many northern and Aboriginal people face high levels of food insecurity and the federal government must partner with northerners to create equitable program eligibility criteria and work with northerners to fix the program so that it meets the needs of all northern communities.


The party states according to the study food insecurity is four times higher in Nunavut than in the rest of Canada and the Nutrition North program introduced by the Conservative to address the price of food in the north has had minimal impact on food cost and there was no transparency or accountability.


 NDP MP Dennis Bevington adds even as elders are rooting through garbage to find food the Conservatives have refused to acknowledge how ineffectual their Nutrition North program has been.


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