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Your Family Can Be Part of a Fishing Derby Saturday.

 The 19th annual Richard Beasley Memorial Fishing Derby is taking place from 12 to 3 Saturday afternoon on Big Island Lake near Westwood Lodge. One of the organizers Chuck Woods says because it’s a catch and release derby its total length and the time you caught your fish.  He explains if you catch a fish wave your arm and somebody’s going to come by with the troughs to measure your fish and take your name and the time you caught your fish.  Woods adds the prizes are always good and this year it’s a propane powered gas auger, second place is a trapper’s sleigh, third is a power generator and they also have a carving from Irvin Head in Cranberry Portage who does an awesome job for them.


Tickets are ten dollars and are available at the Gas Bar, the Gateway or the Steelworkers office on Main Street.


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