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The Chamber Heard Good News For Taxpayers.

Mayor Cal Huntley told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday it has been 20 weeks since the election.  He says the main thing City Council is working on now is the city budget.  He says the guidelines around that are for a zero tax increase for 2015 because he and council felt there was a significant increase last year.  He says there will be a small increase in the special levy adding they had hoped to keep that exactly the same but what has take place is it generated a significant amount of interest with people amalgamating properties rather than paying twice.


Huntley says after this year they are looking at the idea of tying tax increases to the cost of living index.


When asked about the community’s future, Huntley said we should be looking at growing in the future.    He says we have a vibrant community with a lot of services but we need help in maintaining and expanding those services beyond the taxpayer and Council will be strongly lobbying the federal and provincial governments for that support.

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