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The City Safety Plan is Being Reviewed.

The City’s new Workplace Health and Safety representative Bill Fulford was introduced at last night’s Flin Flon City Council meeting.  Administrator Mark Kolt says its great to have him aboard and he has already done a lot of work reviewing the city’s safety plan.  Fulford said his 20 years in safety at the Company will benefit the city’s management and work crews.  He says he will look for gaps in the plan and see what can be done about them.


Council will invite one of our local poets to their next meeting to recognize National Poetry Month. Council passed on final reading the bylaw to set the speed at 30 kilometers per hour in the school zones around McIsaac and Ruth Betts Schools.  Council approved up to 17 hundred dollars to assist the Flin Flon Aqua Doves in the purchase of underwater speakers.  And Council agreed to move their next meeting from Tuesday March 17th to Wednesday the 18th due to a Mayor and Reeves meeting in Winnipeg on Tuesday afternoon.

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