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You Can Learn More About Christian Unity.

A week of prayer for Christian Unity will be celebrated next week.  Reverend Alex McGilvery of the Northminster United Church says it’s a chance to join together with people from different congregations. He says the idea is that people in churches all around the world set aside a week to pray for Christian unity, not so much structural unity as just the sense that we are all working towards the same object, members of the same kingdom.  He says it’s an opportunity to get inside different churches, hear different speakers and enjoy some fellowship.


Evening sessions will be held at 7 at various churches with guest speakers including Monday at the Catholic Church, Tuesday the Lutheran Church, Wednesday Mennonite Brethren Church, Thursday Salvation Army and Friday the Alliance Church. Saturday there will be a breakfast with the Mayors at 9 at the Anglican Church and it wraps up Sunday at 7 at the United Church.

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