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Northern Students are Benefiting From Collegiate Programs

Dan Reagan spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday on schooling initiatives in Cranberry Portage.  He said the new student’s residence and vocational training programs are a great benefit to northern communities where there is a deficit in education. He says there are 25 to 30 different communities that send students to Cranberry Portage.  He explained these are communities that don’t have high schools or a lot of the kids come in what’s called programs not offered.  For example Reagan says they are coming from Moose Lake where they have grade twelve but they are taking building construction and they are also going to mechanics big time and cosmetology and things like that so that’s how they get the kids to come and that’s really what Cranberry’s lifeline is and that’s what they’re trying to develop.


Reagan adds they offer week long, month long and semester long programs at the collegiate as well as at the nearby Egg Lake location where they are building a house while offering a level one apprenticeship program. He says these types of programs get students interested in education and they will hopefully continue with it.


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