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There Are Six Options for the Aqua Center

Bridgman Collaborative Architects have been studying the local Aqua Center looking at all the background studies, holding public workshops and they received over 200 responses to their community survey.  The firms Marcilla Poirier says they have presented the city with five options to expand the present building noting option one and two really don’t add any revenue generating areas to the facility, option three introduces a very important feature which are the family change rooms and options four and five add revenue generating spaces with an improved weight room, fitness room, a therapeutic pool as well as a classroom.  She says these rental spaces really can pay for themselves over time but the return on the investment is a long one at 32 to 35 years but it is something the city will have to consider as they move forward.


Poirier adds option six a new building at 18 million dollars is not a workable option.  She says its now up to the community to decide which option they are willing to support through fundraising with a new survey posted online at www.flinflononline.com.

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