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Bomber AGM Highlights

The Flin Flon Bombers held their AGM last night at the Creighton Community Hall.


Bomber President  Travis Rideout spoke first and thanked everyone including the board, coach's, players, volunteers, sponsors and fans for an incredible season.


Rideout also mentioned with the Centennial Cup run this is as successful as the club has ever been,  with their different fundraisers including game day operations and huge playoff crowds.


Rideout knows they will have challenges moving forward especially with the Hudbay operation moving to Snow Lake. " We don't know what is going to happen in the future,  but I seem to think that people need to live here and call this place home. I know our fans and the support is going to be there. Will it be vibrant as it was this past season ? We will have to wait and see as a board,  and  are moving into a new era and  will have to be more creative as we do things."


Bomber Head Coach Mike Reagan was very optimistic about the up coming season and is looking to build off a year where they missed the SJHL Championship by just one game. " We are very excited about this year's recruiting class and winning always helps. We had made some commitments early on as you always do. As time go's on and you play in the Centennial Cup, players started to reach out to us. It is all going to work itself out in the wash as players see us as a very good option. Winning breeds excitement and players want to be part of something special."


Janice Slipp also talked about the finances and the overall financial situation of the team which is very strong.


The corporate support alone brings in over $200,000.00 dollars a season. Souvenirs bring in over $80,000.00 and the 8 playoff home games brought in well over $100,000.00.


After expenses the club is sitting at about 162, 000.00 to the good.


Other highlights included the club bringing in a new score clock for next season and is sponsored by Hudbay, the Credit Union, City Of Flin Flon and McKeens.


They are also building a new press box and are preparing to host the Roller Goodwin Hockey Tournament in August.


The night concluded with the election of board members and here is who got elected.


Eldred Dicks- Vice President 2 years

Janice Slip- Treasurer- 2 years

Damian Dominey- Director- 2 years

Jordy Dumenko- Director- 2 years

Alison Cooper- Director- 2 years

Rachel Wright- Director- 2 years

Holly Babcock- Director- 2 years

Rob Simon- Director -1 year

Adam Ricard- Director- 1 year



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