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Curling Club AGM

The Flin Flon Curling Club will be holding their AGM tomorrow night at the Curling Club Lounge at 7pm.


The agenda will include a proposal from the city as well as all the bonspiel dates and questions and answers from the floor.


The Open Mixed Bonspiel which was supposed to take place this weekend has been cancelled due to low numbers.


Stick Curling has been moved to Thursday night at 7. It is $2.50 per person per game.


Come out and give it a try. It is a 2 person team with person holding the broom and the other one sweeping.


It is really catching on across the country and the local club is hoping people will give it a try here.


For more ingormation contact Sue at 687-5560 or Della at 688-6663. 

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