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Gogal Boys Shine At Walt

The Walt Cunningham Labour Day Classic has wrapped up after three gigantic days at the Phantom Lake Golf Club.


Blaine Gogal had an incredible weekend and knocked off some stiff competition including the defending champion Darcy Sal to claim the 2021 Championship.


Gogal had 14 pars and 4 birdies on his way to the Match Play round.


Here are the complete results:

Championship Flight

Blaine Gogal

Darcy Sal

Neil Goodman

Cody Bray


First Flight

Chris Harris


Second Flight

Jeff Woods


Third Flight

Steve Pickering


Fourth Flight

Clayton Quinn


Fifth Flight

Jack Quinn


Sixth Flight

Chris Reynolds


Seventh Flight

Gage Gogal


Eighth Flight

Cal Hammond


Ninth Flight

Todd Simms


Tenth Flight

Trevor Watt


Eleventh Flight

Ken Brough

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