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Creighton Kodiak Football Grads

It has been a tough go on local sports the last couple of years due to Covid and hit the Creighton Kodiak football team especially  hard.


The Kodiaks had locked up another Northern Saskatchewan Football Championship in 2019 and looked poised to have a powerhouse going into 2020.


As we all know,  Covid hit and it would over take the world and devastate local sports everywhere  not to mention take away the Kodiaks chance's  at repeating as Northern Saskatchewan Football Champions.


There does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnell and the Northern Saskatchewan Football League will return this fall.


5 players will not get the opportunity to put the Kodiak jersey on again as they have age'd out and will graduate on Friday.


Congratulations to Blake Alexander, Austin McLean, Aidan Collard, Brady Carmichael and Kiara Straile whjo were all big parts of the Kodiak program the last few years.


Head Coach and GM of the Kodiaks Ryan Karakochuk says these players will be recognized on Friday for their contributions.

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