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SJHL Return To Play

Even though the ice is out at most SJHL arena's, the league is still working very hard to have some type of conclusion to the season.


If the league does go  ahead,  all the teams will play out of one bubble which is looking like it could be Weyburn. 7 teams are committed including the Flin Flon Bombers.


It was being reported that Estevan would also be in the mix, but the Sask Gov't said all games must be played in one centre.


Mike Reagan,  the Flin Flon Bombers Coach and GM is one of the coach's who is in constant communication with the Sask Gov't and was a special guest on today's SJHL At Noon.


Reagan said there has been a lot of positive communication and feels the meetings with the Saskatchewan Government are going very well.


" I think we feel we can see the finish line and of course a lot has to happen before we get there and that is not saying we are going to get there.  There are a lot of positive things that are going back and forth between the committee and Gov't. I feel more confident today with the way things are moving than I did last week."


Reagan also said the reason why things  are taking so long as they want to make sure they get everything right and want this to be a success. They are working off the WHL platform and feel this is helping them with their proposal.


The SJHL continues to do everything they can to fulfill their part and do not have a definitive date to start as they are more concerned with making sure they do everything right in getting back on the ice.


You can hear Mike's interview from the SJHL here. 

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