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Koop Geotechnical Week 7 Results

Week 7 was another big week for the Koop Geotechnical Ski Series with a record 88 entries for the week.


There were 85 entries from the ladies and 30 from the men.


Here are this week's past prize winners:


Male Participation-Bill Fulford $25.00 Gift Certificate to Eddy’s Family Foods

Female Participation-Emily Sparling-$25.00 gift certificate to Eddy’s Family Foods

Group Distance Draw Winner-Paolo Strappazzon-$25.00 Gift Certificate to Rock ‘n Diner and Bakery

Fastest Male-Mike Spencer- 12:55 for 3.26 km-$25.00 Gift Certificate to Rock ‘n Diner and Bakery

Fastest Female-Penny Grove-21:30 for 3.26 km-$25.00 gift certificate to Ped’s Threads


This will be the final week for the 2021 Koop Geotechnical Series, so there will be some special events.


  • No designated trail, but  they  recommend skiing the Valley trails and the Carlisle due to the icing.
  • Anyone who sends in their kms for the week gets entered in the Participation Award.
  • Anyone who sends in their total kilometers skied this year gets entered in the Group Distance Draw for a ski bag from Fresh Air Experience.
  • We will be drawing two names (one male, one female) from Flin Flon Ski Club Membership list to say thank you to our members for supporting our club.


Thanks  to Koop Geotechnical Services for sponsoring this event and thank you to everyone for participating this week. A special thank you to the groomers who keep the  trails in great shape.


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