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Koop Geotechnical Ski Series Results For Week 6

The Koop Geotechnical Ski Series is coming off another great week as they held their virtual Centaloppet in honor of Val and Ivor Hedman.


This would of been the 46th year of recognizing the Hedman's contribution to cross country ski-ing here in our communities.


62 people took part and the group easily surpassed the group distance goal of 520 kms, reaching a season high of 867 kms for the group.


Here is a complete list of this past weekend's winners.


 Fastest Skier Male-Brett Unrau- 3.21 kms in 10:14

Fastest Skier Female- Ruth Unrau-3.21 kms in 15:41

Youngest Skier-4 years old- Luke Unrau- 3.21 km in 45:10

Oldest Skier- Larry Fancy- Speedy Seventies- 3.21 in 16:23

Best Costume-Hollee Babcock

Largest family-tie (5 people)- Unrau and Peever families.


This week is combination of the moonlight, valley and half valley trails in a figure eight. Start from the chalet going counter clockwise on the moonlight trail, connecting to Duane Davis's trail, then do the figure eight taking the half valley trail twice and ending up back at the chalet.


They will once again be looking for male and female participation, fastest male and female times and a group distance goal of 1,042 kms.


Thanks again to Koop Geotechnical for sponsoring the event and a big thank you to all the business's for donating prizes and all the volunteers for all your work on the trails.





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