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Lee Brothers, The Cornerstone Of Sask Wrestling

The Lee brothers, Carson and Hunter have been the talk of wrestling for the last several years and have become two huge ambassadors for Flin Flon.


They have also been the cornerstones of the U of S Wrestling team and are looked up to by everybody in the University.


The success these two brothers have had over the last few years in nothing short of exceptional.


Two National Gold medals, Two Conference Gold Medals, a Team Conference Championship and a National Rookie Of The Year Award, which were all won in 2019-20. They also helped guide the U of S to one of their most impressive seasons in the program's history.


I have had the opportunity to interview both these brothers on several occasions and the one big thing that always stands out to me is their dedication and determination.


They train excessively whether it is in Saskatoon or their back yard in Flin Flon, mostly without a coach.


They actually coach and are a training partner for each other and have proven it doesn't matter where you train if you have the desire to excel. "Training in Flin Flon absolutely shapes how I view training,” said Carson. “I did three years of competitive international wrestling while being based in Flin Flon so it made me come to appreciate the training sessions that I got, even when I travelled six hours for a practice or two on the weekend to then drive six hours back home. I always made sure that I made the most of every practice I went to.”


Covid 19 has wiped out university sports but the brothers continue to train and both are still attending classes.


The only thing eluding these two special athletes is a trip to the Olympics and the brothers continue to work hard for their return to the mat.


For a complete look at the Lee brothers success at the Uof S, check this out.HUSKIES.USASK.CA



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