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MJHL Looking Forward To Restart

The MJHL continue to prepare for 2021 and have developed a restart action plan when they get the word from the MB Government on when they can safely return.


The MJHL made a release on their web-site which will include the following guidelines.


Key Elements of Restart Action Plan:


Players / Staff to complete 14-day self-isolation period before participating in team activities.


Players / Staff to follow detailed travel procedures before reporting to the community / organization.


Teams to provide ten to fourteen day modified training period for Players / Staff once 14-day self-isolation phase has been completed in advance of resuming games.


All new players added to the roster would be required to complete 14-day self-isolation period before participating in any team activities.


Each team will play minimum two games a week against the same team and will play the same team minimum four times in a row over consecutive weekends.


Each team will only play teams from the same public health region, same division and/or of closest proximity based on regional restrictions at that time.


Each team will schedule games to be played during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday).


Regular Season will be extended until the end of April to allow for further schedule and game play flexibility.


Playoff format will be reviewed over the coming weeks.


The MJHL successfully returned to conducting on-ice activity in July and to date has completed over 60 games since game play began in late September.


OCN Blizzard Head Coach and GM, Billy Keane said they will continue to follow all the guidelines laid out by the MJHL and MB Gov't.


" We are going to rely on DR Brent's press conference on January the 8th and hopefully we move from code red to code orange and we can get back in our communities. Kevin Saurette and the governors have worked their tails off to get back to playing hockey. We will do our due diligence and follow all the protocols that continue to be laid out and make sure we adhere to the conditions and do our part to keep everybody safe."


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