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This year's Manitoba Coaching Awards will look a little different. Instead of looking at coach's based on their success this past year, Sport Manitoba will be looking at their  entire coaching careers.


Here are the different categories




Active Start/Fundamentals Athletes - Vince Leah Award

Individuals who coach grassroots athletes of any age.  The coaching environment at this level is primarily non-competitive, with an emphasis on participation and having fun.


Learn to Train Athletes – The Konica Minolta - Dr. Jack Hunt Award


Coaches who are responsible for athletes developing competitive skills and preparing for competition (i.e. regional or provincial)


Train to Train Athlete – The Janet Arnott Award


Coaches who are responsible for athletes who compete at the Canada Games


Train to Compete-Train to Win Athletes - Peter Williamson Award


Coaches who primarily work with High performance athletes that compete at the national or international level.


School System Athletes - Peter Dick Award


These coaches are in the school system who coach as an extra-curricular activity. This award is open to those individuals who coach at all grade levels from elementary through middle years and high school. 


Active for Life – Global News

Coaches who are responsible for athletes who focus on achieving on health and fitness for life.


So if you know of a deserving coach you can nominate them today at


The winners will be announced on April the 6th,2021.

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