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Manitoba Communities Receive Funding For Equipment

Even with Covid running rampant in our province, country and the world, there are still reasons to be optimistic in the sports world.


470 sets of new hockey equipment has been distributed to Minor Hockey Associations and Indigenous  groups in Manitoba courtesy of the NHL/NHLPA/ Hockey Canada/ Bauer Hockey Equipment Relief Program.


12 Minor Hockey Associations and two Indigenous groups did receive new equipment which will allow many young children to experience the game for the first time.


Northern Manitoba was in the mix, with both The Pas Minor Hockey and Thompson Minor Hockey receiving 25 new sets each.


About the Hockey Equipment Relief Program


The Hockey Equipment Relief Program is an equipment donation initiative which includes $2 million of hockey gear, with upwards of 7,000 sets to be distributed to families and communities in the seven Canadian NHL cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal) and other regions across Canada.


In the distribution of this equipment, particular attention will be provided to support minority communities.





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