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Spring Golf AGM Highlights

The Phantom Lake Golf Club held their spring AGM at the club house earlier tonight.


Newly elected President Ray Shirran opened the meeting and mentioned that a lot of work has been done on the course already and they continue to work on both the  no. 7 and 8 holes.


He also mentioned that the club plans to purchase some new carts and a barbecue and will  start the year in good financial shape.


Kelly McLaren is back as the Club Pro  and he mentioned that he is excited to work with the new board and is excited to open the season tomorrow at 10.


He also said the club will continue to look for ways to increase the revenue.


Brett Stephenson, the Club Superintendant thanked all the volunteers for helping get the course ready for the season and said the greens wintered very well.


He said they continue to clean things up and the course is still pretty damp in some places and hopes everybody will follow the cart paths.


They look forward to seeing everybody out and once again the course will officially open Thursday ( tomorrow) at 10 am.

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