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Salamondra Wins Hole In One




For the first time in the history of the event, there is a repeat winner in the 102.9 CFAR Tri- Service Million Dollar  Hole In One Event.


Congratulations to Darcy Salamondra who was this year's best, who shot a ball 37ft, 7 inches away from the hole to capture the win at the Phantom Lake Golf Club Sunday night. Salamondra also won in 2007.


Last year's winner Keenan Kennedy came in second at 44ft-8 and a half inches.


The Surprising Brian Dixon came in third at 85 ft- 1 inch. Dixon had the best shot in the semis at 4 ft, 5 and a quarter inches.


Among the highlights, there were three hole in ones in qualifying earlier in the week. Terry Arnold picked up the first one on Wednesday, with Richard Masson and Ryan Hanson getting hole in ones back to back on Friday.  


A big thank you to the Tri- Service Club, the Lions, Rotary and Kinsmen Clubs for spear heading the event for the 12th straight year. 


Proceeds from this year will go towards Habitat 53 degrees and the Island Development Group in Denare Beach.

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