Kodiaks Revamp Schedule

The Creighton Kodiaks football team is looking forward to the beginning the Northern Saskatchewan Football season this fall.


They will be starting their training camp on Thursday August the 19th at 6:30. They will also be hosting a meet and greet with sizing of equipment on Wednesday August the 18th at 6:30.


It will be a very busy month of August with lots of practise with the season starting on September the 3rd in Sandy Bay. The schedule has changed due to some teams not able to take part this season.


The rest of the schedule will look like this:


Wednesday September the 8th vs Pinehouse


Thursday September the 16th vs Cumberland House


Wednesday September the 22nd at Ahtakakoop


Thursday Setember the 30th VS Beauval


Wednesday October the 13th at Laronge


Playoffs start October the 23rd with Provincial Playdowns starting on October the 30th.

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