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The Best Way to Provide Health Services is Locally.

That’s according to Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont.  While in Flin Flon this week he said their focus is on local jobs, local provision of services, local education and local health care as we need to engage with people in their communities where they live and not just be centralizing and dictating everything from Winnipeg.  He said ultimately he doesn’t think it’s efficient or effective because people need to have health care right in the community and some of it is better recruitment, some of it is more doctors noting there’s surprisingly few primary care doctors in Canada and Manitoba so we need to make sure there are doctors going through school and also that we’re compensating them properly.


Lamont added we have to do a better job of working with communities to attract and retain doctors.  He also noted they have an election readiness team working towards next year’s election and expect to be in the best shape they have been in quite a long time.


They Marched and Gathered to Remember and Call For Action.

The Women’s Resource Center held their annual Women’s Memorial March and Red Dress Project last evening.  Special guest at the event was Metis artist Jaime Black from Winnipeg who originated the Red Dress Project. She explained she really wanted to use her art work to support families and women so she thought of the Red Dress Project as a way of having the public really kind of confronted with women facing higher rates of violence and so the empty red dresses are put in public spaces so that people are asking questions and wondering what those dresses are there for and they often serve as a way to educate the public around the state of violence that Indigenous women are facing.


Black says she was overwhelmed by how people got together to put on events in the schools and community showing support for missing and murdered Indigenous women and their families.


Marchers made their way from Pioneer Square down Main Street which was lined with red dresses and back to the Community Hall for singing, drumming and messages of support for the event.


A Shared Health program Will Begin in Manitoba in April.

Staff working in a number of departments, programs, service areas and sites across Manitoba’s health system will begin a phased in transition to Shared Health in April.  Shared Health Chief Executive Officer Dr. Brock Wright says by transitioning responsibility for certain services to one organization they will be able to improve the consistency and availability of certain services as well as identify cost savings that can be invested in areas of need.


Across the health system around 12 thousand staff will see their employer or contracting organization of record change to Shared Health beginning in April. Deputy Health Minister Karen Herd adds standardized approaches to the delivery of health care will improve the system’s ability to deliver services to Manitobans regardless of where they live. 


Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant says the reshaping of the health system will be of great benefit to patients in the north and their families adding the planning underway to enhance primary care is of particular interest to providers and patients in this region as well as efforts to increase the use and support of inter-professional teams and enhance focus on prevention and recognition of the social determinants of health.

There is a Need for More Investment in the North.

Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont while in Flin Flon Tuesday noted we need some economic assistance for northern communities that are losing jobs.  He says we have people who are losing jobs and we need to step in and make sure if they can’t get the kind of jobs they want that there’ll the retraining they need but we also need to make sure that jobs are there so we need to invest in businesses and invest in projects that are going to put people to work and Manitoba Liberals are committed to investing into growth as that’s what we need to do to get out of this mess.


Lamont added there’s still lots of potential in the north and it doesn’t just have to be in mining so there really needs to be a focus on developing the north and in helping these communities to thrive.  One suggestion he has is the development of a Manitoba based Business Development Bank that will invest in Manitoba businesses to help them get off the ground and provide more full time jobs with benefits.


Recommendations Have Come From a Mediation Circle.

Two Flin Flon area women arrested over online comments that threatened violence against Indigenous people have been given seven conditions following a mediation circle on a First Nation.

The recommendations include sending handwritten apologies to news outlets, 80 hours of community service on a First Nation, and to attend a cultural awareness camp on residential schools.

The two women were arrested on suspicion of uttering threats and public incitement of hatred after posts appeared on Facebook last summer after a vehicle was vandalized.

The women were never formally charged and instead took part in a mediation circle on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation.

In a news release, the First Nation says if the women don't accept the conditions they will be referred back to the criminal justice system.

You Can Learn Why a 1962 Movie is Still Relevant.

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting the Manchurian Candidate at the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre tomorrow night.  The Groups Colin Davis says you will find out why this film suddenly got pulled from theatres and why it was hardly heard of again until 1988.  He points out this is the original 1962 version with Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury that was years ahead of its time and is still as relevant today as it was back then.  He explains in the story Staff Sergeant Raymond Shaw comes home from the battlefield a war hero unaware that he and his platoon were all brainwashed when they were captured by the enemy and now he is home and they are getting ready to use him.


The Manchurian Candidate will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre and as always the Friday films are free.


You Could See a Large Drop in the Special Services Portion of Your Tax Bill.

Flin Flon City Council held a public hearing last night to review their Special Services Proposal for another three years.  It establishes a per parcel rate to defray the cost of police and fire service for this year through 2021 so all property owners share the cost of these services. The total cost of these services this year is estimated at just over 1.17 million dollars rising by up to three percent in 2020 and 21.  The per parcel charge to be paid by taxpayers would be $395.27 this year also rising by up to three percent in 2020 and 21.


The proposed Special Services Levy is dropping from $654.09 last year due to a 39 percent decrease in policing costs. Flin Flon’s population has decreased below five thousand causing a much greater percentage of the funding for RCMP policing to be covered by the province of Manitoba


The proposal now goes to the Municipal Board for their review before returning to Council for final approval.


It's a Busy Time in Flin Flon School Division.

The Flin Flon School Board met last night.  Assistant Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne reported award winning Canadian author David Bouchard will be speaking to students at McIsaac School on February 25th at 9:30 and Ruth Betts at 11.  Students at Hapnot Collegiate will take in a presentation from Winnipeg based Metis artist Jaime Black this afternoon.


Parents, Family and the public are invited to the Community Hall this afternoon between 4:30 and 6 for viewing of the projects of the Division Wide Science Fair.  Board Chair Leslie Fernandes invited the community to attend the Flin Flon School Division public budget meeting which will be held on February 20th at 9 Terrace Avenue at 6:30.


The Local School Board is Looking for Support.

Flin Flon School Trustee Murray Skeavington spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday asking for their support.  He says the Board welcomes the review of public education in the province but not the possible amalgamation of the 37 School Boards across the province and appointed rather than locally elected School Boards.  He said there could be amalgamation of northern Boards based in Thompson or a provincial board in Winnipeg.  He explained School Boards ensure programs meet the needs of their students and their parents and that happens locally and other amalgamation programs have resulted in no cost savings. He asked Chamber members to consider the importance of your children’s education as every Trustee in this Division lives and works here and care about our community and are committed to providing Flin Flon with the best education they can. He asked the Chamber to write a letter of support for locally elected School Boards and work together to keep public education public. The Chamber referred the request to their upcoming executive meeting.


The Red Dress Project Will Be In Focus in Flin Flon for Three Days.

Metis artist Jaime Black is in Flin Flon for events starting today.  Black created the Red Dress Project in 2010 to draw attention to violence against Indigenous women and girls.  Black will be at a Red Dress exhibit reception tonight at 6 at the Eagle Rose Holistic Healing and Teaching Lodge at 104 Tweedsmuir.  Over 60 red dresses will be featured in this exhibit.  As we reported earlier she will attend the Women’s Resource Center’s annual Women’s Memorial March at 5:15 tomorrow evening at Pioneer Square followed by a gathering at the Community Hall and on Friday she will attend a meet and greet at 7 at the Norva Centre at 177 Green Street where she will share her artistic journey.

Local School Boards Play an Important Role.

Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont was in Flin Flon yesterday.  One of the issues we discussed was the provincial public education review and the possible dissolving of locally elected School Boards. Lamont says he is very concerned about it as having local input into education is really important but he also doesn’t see that there’s going to be a lot of savings.  He says what they’ve seen before when the amalgamation of School Boards was tried is it didn’t really improve the quality of education and it didn’t improve costs either.  He added the real focus on the challenges in our education system need to be about what can we do better to make sure our kids are reading, writing, doing their arithmetic and learning properly rather than focus on funding.


Lamont says this is about the future generation of Manitoba and how they are going to grow up and the kind of skills they’re going to bring to the workforce and this is something we need to invest in.  We’ll have more from Lamont on newscasts later this week.



Twenty-two Manitoba Communities Now Have Access to Winter Roads.

Manitoba Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler has announced all northern communities now have access to the winter road system allowing for the delivery of supplies.  In our area the 138 kilometer winter road from Pukatawagan to Highway Ten is reported to be in good condition.


Schuler says winter roads not only facilitate the hauling of freight to northern and remote communities but also provide the residents with temporary inter-community travel as well as road access to the rest of the province.  He adds the government will spend 4.5 million dollars providing 22 northern Manitoba communities access to the 24 hundred kilometer network.  In a typical season more that 25 hundred shipments are delivered to a large number of isolated northern communities from mid-January to mid-March.


You Can Enjoy Free Fishing in Manitoba and Saskatchewan This Weekend.

Both Manitoba and Saskatchewan are holding free winter fishing weekends Saturday through Monday.  Anglers will be able to fish without a license in both provinces through the weekend.  You are reminded all other fishing regulations apply including possession limits and reduced limits on some lakes and rivers, free fishing does not apply in national parks and Saskatchewan reminds you anyone planning to take fish out of the province must purchase a license. Anglers should be sure conditions are safe before venturing onto the ice, always let someone know where you are fishing and wear appropriate clothing for an enjoyable ice fishing experience.


For information on fishing regulations view the related Anglers Guides online at www.manitobafisheries.com or www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.


Exploration is Going Deeper Near Flin Flon.

Callinex Mines has started a deep penetrating induced polarization survey on its Pine Bay project 16 kilometers east of Flin Flon. They report this survey using the Ore Vision IP system can reveal targets four times the depth of conventional IP systems. The objective of the survey is to detect pyrite rich mineralization that may host high grade copper and zinc up to depths of 580 meters along three favorable volcanic massive sulphide horizons that host the Pine Bay, Cabin and Baker Patton deposits.


In late 2016 Callinex discovered a high grade zone by extending a previous drill hole by 38 meters and additional drilling has also intersected several intersections of pyrite rich mineralization that was unable to be detected by conventional electromagnetic methods.


The Government Needs to Move on Sick benefits.

Member of Parliament Niki Ashton spoke in the House of Commons last week regarding the federal government’s decision not to extend sick benefits for workers. The current number of weeks that people can take to recover from an illness or injury is 15 weeks and Ashton doesn’t believe that this is long enough.

Ashton pointed out people in Northern Manitoba and across the country are in need of this kind of help but this government isn’t there to give it to them. She notes when rich Americans want pipelines built this government goes the extra mile but when regular Canadians who are being forced to return to work either sick or injured or quit their jobs because they are too sick to perform this government doesn’t even budge and inch, they’ll propose a study but they certainly won’t do anything to actually improve your life.

Ashton concluded her statement by saying politics that privileges style over substance is typical of this government and it is seen in their attitude towards reconciliation and indigenous people, the environment, and the sick and injured.

Our Young Students Science Work Will Be On Display.

The Flin Flon School Division wide Science Fair is being held Wednesday at the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Coordinator Kari LaBorde says it includes grades one to eight this year.  She explains they have their judging happening on the 13th with Ruth Betts coming in the morning and McIsaac students coming in the afternoon for judging this year and then at 4:30 they’re going to open up the Community Hall for public viewing so from 4:30 to 6 anyone is welcome to come and check out the projects and the great work that their students are doing.


LaBorde says they have a lot of the younger students participating this year.  The Science Fair awards presentation will take place at six in the Community Hall.



A Winter Drill Program is Getting Underway Near Snow Lake.

Rockcliff Metals Corporation will be starting a 25 hundred meter 15 hole drill program this month on its Bur Zinc Property near Snow Lake.  The objective of this program is expansion of the known high grade Volcanic Massive Sulphide Bur zinc deposit limits.


Rockcliff President and CEO Ken Lapierre says the Bur zinc deposit is one of the highest grade undeveloped zinc copper rich VMS deposits within trucking distance to an operating metal mill facility.  He adds the drilling program will test above and south of the known mineralization of the deposit.


Rockcliff reports they are the largest junior land holder in the Flin Flon Snow Lake greenstone belt.

We Can Gather to Remember Thursday.

The Womens Resource Centre is holding their annual Womens Memorial March and Red Dress Project Thursday evening.  The Center’s Colleen Arnold says they will meet in Pioneer Square to honor the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous Women and all women’s lives lost. She says they will have Jaime Black here. She explains Jaime Black is a Winnipeg based Metis artist who created the Red Dress Project which has a haunting visual effect aimed at drawing greater public attention to the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.  She says the dresses hanging in trees and down Main Street make for an eerie visual prompting people to wonder what they signify noting they inform people who are not affected and created a space for people who are affected to have their voices heard.


Arnold adds on Wednesday Eagle Rose Healing Lodge will have the Red Dress Exhibit from 6 to 8, on Thursday the march will start at Pioneer Square at 5:15 ending at the Community Hall and on Friday the 15th a meet and greet will be held with Jaime at the Norva Centre from 7 to 8 pm.



Member of Parliament Niki Ashton has Raised Concerns About Living Conditions With the Prime Minister.

During Question Period Wednesday Ashton told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 85 percent of First Nations in Manitoba have mould in their overcrowded homes.  She said in community after community people are saying that things are not getting better, things are getting worse so her question to the Prime Minister is does he not know that the housing crisis is literally making people sick and when will his Liberal government move from talking and move to action to address this housing crisis on First Nations now.


Trudeau replied since being elected they have lifted 78 long term boil water advisories in Indigenous communities, opened hundreds of new schools, invested in new health centers and invested in hundreds of new housing units across the country.


Volunteers are Needed as a Winter Festival Approaches.

The 40th annual Denare Beach Winter Festival is coming up February 22nd to 24th.  Recreation Director Mel Durette says they have early events with a children’s coloring contest with pictures to be in at the school or Recreation Office by the 14th and an ice sculpturing contest with judging on the 20th. She says other activities get underway on the 22nd.  She explains that Friday they have fireworks, Musher’s supper, penny parade, Kids Got Talent, turkey curling, pizza shoot and on Saturday the fishing derby, pancake breakfast, horse rides, bingo, boot hockey, kid’s curling and the Sunday will be King and Queen Trapper and the snow drags.


The festival wraps up on the 24th.  You can volunteer to help out with festival events by calling the Recreation Office at 306-362-2050.


An Indigenous Awareness Program is Available Later This Month.

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has invited Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce members to register for an Indigenous Awareness Training program.  It takes place in Regina on February 20th from 8:30 to 4:30 at a cost of 125 dollars for members which includes the Flin Flon Chamber.


The Saskatchewan Chamber explains they are committed to the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report as well as the meaningful engagement of Indigenous People of Saskatchewan into the economy adding this training provides an overview of the history and culture of Indigenous People of Saskatchewan to allow for an inclusive and prosperous business community in the province.


To learn more or to register visit their website www.saskchamber.com, click on events calendar and then February 20th.



People Interested in Manitoba History Can Receive a Special Award.

The Manitoba Historical Society is accepting nominations for the Lieutenant Governor’s Award.  The award recognizes people interested in the preservation and promotion of the province’s history.  The Society’s Gordon Goldsborough says nominations are open to anyone.  He explains the award is intended primarily for people serving in the promotion of Manitoba’s history so pretty much anyone who’s done things like writing books, various art projects, running museums, anything that has an aspect of preserving and promoting Manitoba’s history would qualify.


Last year Flin Flonners Don Peake and Gerry Clark received this award for their work in preserving and promoting the history of Flin Flon.


Nomination forms and more information are available on the websites of the Manitoba Historical Society www.mhs.mb.ca or the Lieutenant Governor at www.manitobalg.ca.  The deadline is March 1st. 



Northerners and Other Canadians Continue to Face Challenges.

Churchill Keewatinook Aski Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says the challenge facing Canadians is becoming increasingly clear.  She says for decades governments have stripped away basic things that Canadians count on like health care, jobs, a secure retirement and clean air and water.  She adds people in our region have been frustrated time and again that federal governments have ignored them and instead of bringing relief for people affected by the housing crisis and personal debt the Liberal government has been providing billions of dollars in corporate giveaways.


Ashton says New Democrats are determined to make sure people have access to things that they need in their daily lives like fast tracking action on housing to start new units and expanding the public health care system to cover the cost of medication for all Canadians.


The RCMP are Looking For Candidates for the Aboriginal Pre- Cadet Training Program.

The Program offers Canadian First Nations, Metis or Inuit people from the ages of 19 to 29 the opportunity to get an inside look at the life of a police officer.  Those accepted into the program attend a three week training program at the RCMP Training Academy in Regina from May 13th to 31st focused on teaching collaborative problem solving skills, law enforcement, public speaking, cultural diversity and facilitating Safe Community Workshops.  There are also elements of physical fitness and drill which promotes team work and provide students with long term strategies to meet personal fitness goals. The RCMP will provide transportation, meals, accommodation, uniform and three weeks of training wages.  The deadline for applications is February 22nd.


To apply or for information contact Sergeant Barry Ledoux at 1-639-625-4221 or email barry.ledoux@rcmp-grc.gc.ca. You can find that information attached to this story at www.flinflononline.com.


You Can be Sure Taxis are Licensed and Safe.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council passed on final reading the Local Vehicles For Hire Bylaw.  Councilor Tim Babcock explained this bylaw was compiled with input from the local taxi operators.  He says under this bylaw there must be a seal on a vehicle to show it’s licensed to operate in the city meeting the regulations spelled out in the bylaw, a mirror hanger that shows the driver is a licensed taxi driver and the vehicle must have a regular safety check in order to maintain its license.


Council also passed on final reading the bylaw to prescribe fees, fines and charges for Municipal services and the bylaw to regulate the condition of owned vacant and derelict buildings and to set fines for non-compliance.


The bylaw setting the Special Levy for Police and Fire Services for three years will go to a public meeting next Wednesday at 7 at City Hall and then to the Municipal Board for their review before returning to Council for final reading.


New North is Pleased With an Increase in Municipal Revenue Sharing.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has announced that municipalities will see an overall funding increase of more than 10 million dollars for 2019-20.  That brings the total amount to 251 million next fiscal year for the municipal revenue sharing program. The additional 10 million represents a four percent increase from the current fiscal year following a review of the program and consultation with municipal stakeholders.


New North Chair and Creighton Mayor Bruce Fidler says they are happy the provincial government is increasing municipal sharing this year adding their members depend on this program for predictable funding.



Comedy Develops on the Farm Sunday Night.

The Flin Flon Arts Council presents the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centers Buying the Farm Sunday.  The Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt says it’s a comedy about what happens when things go wrong on the family farm.  She explains it’s a comedy essentially about an older uncle that has farm property and his great niece who is this whipper snapper who is living with him and the story evolves from there. She adds it’s performed by the wonderful Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre with all the bells and whistles so it’s always the gem of their season to have them come up.


Buying the Farm will be performed Sunday night at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


The Deadline is Approaching to Apply For Grants for Your Group or Organization.

The Northern Neighbors Foundation continues to accept applications for grants they make available each year.  Their Chairperson Jane Robillard says they have over 100 thousand dollars available this year for grants in the communities of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Cranberry Portage, Snow Lake and Sherridon.  She explains any organization that has a charitable number can apply and if it’s an organization that’s affiliated with like the City of Flin Flon they have a charitable number and you can apply through them.  She adds all of the applications are at the Flin Flon Public Library and with them there are the guidelines so you know exactly who can apply and make sure that you qualify before you spend the time to do that.


The deadline for applications is February 15th.


A Saskatoon Man Has Been Charged in the Death of a Former Creighton Resident.

The body of 39 year old Tammy Brown was found in her Saskatoon home last Tuesday morning.  Brown is a former resident of Creighton, was a professor at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus in Saskatoon and had two children.  Her common law partner 37 year old Blake Schreiner was arrested in connection with the death and appeared in Saskatoon court on Friday charged with second degree murder.  His next court appearance is on February 15th.

The Norva Centre Continues its Monthly Display of Work by Local Artists.

The Norva Centre is presenting an exhibition of local photographic works through this month.  The Centre’s Karen Clark says it features the work of Brandy Bloxom and she has a number of photographs that she has done over the past few years featuring the red dress as a motif in the work and she’s going to have an art talk on Wednesday at 7 o’clock so they invite the public to come out to the Norva Centre to see her show and listen to her chat about her work.


The exhibition is free and open during their regular hours from 10 to 5 Tuesday to Friday and 12:30 to 4:30 on Saturdays.


The Focus is on Snowmobile Safety.

In the midst of snowmobile season Pelican Narrows RCMP offer a friendly safety reminder to snowmobile operators. They note drivers and passengers must always wear safety gear that is property fitted and weather appropriate.  Ensure your snowmobile is well maintained and in good operating condition. Check weather conditions and tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back. Make sure your snowmobile is equipped with an emergency kit and first aid supplies.  Ride to your comfort and ability. Parents make sure your children are old enough and trained to operate the snowmobile.  Ride with a buddy and never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


The RCMP remind you to enjoy the outdoors and make it home safely.



The Deadline is Approaching to Nominate Deserving Volunteers.

Nominations close next Friday for awards to be presented to volunteers across Manitoba.  The Manager of Communications and Outreach for Volunteer Manitoba Dawn Bourbonnais says there are eleven awards to be presented.  She says there’s the Premier’s Volunteer Service Award, the Lieutenant Governor’s Make a Difference Award, the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Family Award, the Royal Bank has the Bright Future Award which is for anybody who’s working with youth to prepare them for their future and then they also have two brand new awards the CTV Champion of Mental Health Award and the William Norrie Arts and Culture Award given to anyone in Manitoba volunteering their time for an arts and culture event.


To nominate a volunteer or for more information on the eleven volunteer awards go to their website www.volunteermanitoba.ca/awards.


School Boards Across the Province are Nominating Students for Special Awards.

Nominations are being accepted until February 6th for the Manitoba School Boards Association Student Citizenship Awards.  Their Director of Education and Communication Services Heather Demetrioff says nominations are made by schools through the school board and are open to all public school students Kindergarten to grade twelve.  She explains the awards are actually a citizenship award so they’re not based on academic performance necessarily although they certainly have some high performing students that are nominated for them but it’s based on their service within the school and the community.  She says this year they are pleased to increase the monetary value of the awards noting since their inception a decade ago they’ve been five hundred dollars per recipient but this year they have increased that amount to one thousand dollars and they also come with a certificate of recognition.


Demetrioff adds an award is given to a student in each of the Association’s six geographic areas and one provincial award for a student group.  Several Flin Flon students have won this region’s award in the past.

Theres a Call For Action on Mould in First Nations Homes.

Northern NDP Members of Parliament are calling out the Liberal government for being asleep at the wheel when it comes to mould in First Nations homes.  They state mould in on reserve housing has been an invisible crisis that the government has known about since at least 2003 when the Auditor General blew the whistle.  Churchill Keewatinook Aski MP Niki Ashton says it is an issue in northern Manitoba and while the Prime Minister talks about reconciliation his government’s actions show otherwise.  She adds we are talking about unacceptable living conditions and the government must act now.


Desnethe Missinippi Churchill River MP Georgina Jolibois notes people have stopped reporting the mould in their homes simply because they know nothing will be done about it adding homes in the north are being built to standards in the south but there are very different climate and housing needs adding we have solutions and need funding not new studies.



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