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The Government had a Chance to Put Canadians First.

Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says instead Canadians received a budget that maintains business as usual and continues massive giveaways to big corporations while people are struggling to make ends meet.  She says northerners and Canadians deserve a government that puts them first by creating good jobs, implementing a single payer universal public pharmacare, improving healthcare for everyone and making sure that post secondary education is not a debt sentence.  Ashton adds First Nations deserve more than a government that refuses to tackle the housing crisis on reserve, the lack of adequate water and sewer services or the continued underfunding of critical services.  She concludes people across the country deserve better.


You can give Ashton your feedback on the budget by completing the survey on her Facebook page or online at www.nikiashton.ndp.ca  and click on survey.


They May Be Out of School but They Can Keep Busy.

With spring break next week a lot of morning and afternoon classes are taking place for kids at the Norva Centre.  On Monday morning they have Tissue Paper Stained Glass for ages 5 and up and the afternoon Anime and Cartoons for ages 10 and up, Tuesday morning 3D Drawing for ages 6 to 9  and the afternoon for ages 10 and up, Wednesday morning Cardboard Sculpture for 8 and up and the afternoon Art For Pre-Schoolers for parents and tots, Thursday morning Clay Pendants for 6 and up and the afternoon Master Painter Abstract for 10 and up  and Friday morning Vegetable Printing for 5 to 9 and the afternoon Master Painter Represent for 10 and up.  All classes are 25 dollars except the two Master Painters which are 30.


For more information and registration see their poster online at www.norvacentre.com, drop in at 177 Green Street or call 204-687-4237.

Planting Issues Were Dealt With by Flin Flon City Council.

At their meeting Tuesday night Council received a letter from grade nine Hapnot student Abby Agpalza.  She explained she is working on a school project that helps increase the bee population.  She asked if she could plant sunflower seeds in several locations in the city for her project in late April or early May. She suggested around the Flinty sub, the Flinty statue museum yard, the garden by the zoo and Rotary Park. The letter was referred to the city administration.


Still with plants Council approved the annual appointment of Mary Wright as Municipal Weed Inspector for Flin Flon to assist in the administration of the Noxious Weed Act on a contract basis.  This position is required under provincial legislation.


And Council received the Fire Chiefs report for February indicating ten incidents during the month.

Deserved Success is Not Always Easy to Come by.

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting the Toronto International Film Festival film Colette tonight.  The group’s Tom Heine says it’s a story about a well regarded author named Colette who moved to Paris with her boy friend and he convinced her to ghost write a semi-autographical novel about kind of a brazen country girl and it was a best seller.  He says Colette realizes that she’s not been getting full credit for her efforts and of course she is a little grumpy about the whole affair but in a real way she was a ground breaker for the women’s movement even though she never viewed herself as such.


Colette will be shown tonight at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  Because this is a Toronto International Film Festival film admission will be ten dollars.


Local Artists Will be Featured Along Main Street.

The Main Street Revitalization Committee is planning an art gallery along Main Street.  At the Flin Flon City Council meeting Tuesday night Councilor Colleen McKee explained they are promoting our local artists in the community by hanging banners with digital photographs of there are work so it doesn’t exclude anyone so if you have a piece of pottery you can also enter. She said the deadline for submissions is April 19th and there’s going to be a committee put together to choose the pieces of work and this is part of the branding initiative Flin Flon The Water and The Wild so they’re asking artists to submit their work and they want to hang them on banners down Main Street in place of the old Trout Festival banners and other banners that have hung there previously.


Artists interested in having their work displayed can email flinflonmainstreetgallery@gmail.com to enter up to four pieces of their art at no cost with the deadline April 19th.  The banners will be hung there for two seasons and then will be replaced by a new set of banners.


Should a One Percent Drop in the PST be a Government Priority?

That question was highlighted by Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey in the Manitoba Legislature this week.  He says everything this government has done so far has negatively affected people and they will remember whenever the next election is called.  He pointed out people will know what this government has done, people will know that they lived up to one promise at the expense of every other promise they made and people will know that in order to cut that one percent they abandoned the people of this province, they don’t care about people and people will remember that and he’ll make sure when he’s knocking on doors he’ll tell people that they don’t care about you.


Lindsey adds this government has to start to focus on people ahead of money.

Its Important for the City to be Represented at Conferences.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council approved the attendance of Councilor Colleen Arnold at the Northern Urban Reserves, Municipalities and Economic Development Forum in Thompson April 9th and 10th co-sponsored by Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak and Look North.  The forum will focus on building respectful relationships and partnering between Indigenous Communities and Municipalities in northern Manitoba through networking and the sharing of data and information, success stories, best practices and lessons learned.  The Look North Indigenous Economy Report will also be launched at the forum and it will feature a presentation by Rural Development Institute that highlights the Indigenous contribution in northern Manitoba.  The forum will also be attended by the Regional Economic Development Officer and Community Futures Greenstone.


Councilor Colleen McKee noted it is important for members of Council to go out and make their presence felt at these types of events and then come back with the information they gathered to help improve our community.



Dialysis Screening has Expanded in Thompson.

Before coming to Flin Flon to tour the new Emergency Room at Flin Flon General Hospital Tuesday Premier Brian Pallister and Health Minister Cameron Friesen were in Thompson.  They announced the expansion of dialysis services in six communities including Thompson in the Northern Health Region. In Flin Flon Friesen explained dialysis in Thompson will expand to accommodate an additional six patients and that means more nursing jobs, it means more people can stay at home and that’s an important point.  He says there was previously people going to Winnipeg leaving their communities in order to receive this life giving service and there will be more people as a result of this investment able to get that care at home in this facility at Thompson Hospital.


Friesen says about 14 percent of Manitobans live with kidney disease and about one third will develop kidney failure in their lifetime.

You Can Hear a Guest Author Speak on Wellness, Resilience and Recovery.

Nationally renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author Allan Kehler of Saskatoon will be at the Creighton Community Hall tomorrow evening.  At this free event Kehler will speak on addiction, trauma and wellness as well as what he learned from persevering through his own addictions. He says he thinks at the end of the day everybody kind of finds their own way, there’s no one size fits all method for any kind of recovery or wellness yet.  He notes if there’s a couple of themes one is we are definitely born to fight and the other is that nobody wants to lead a life of pain as we want to be free from it but the problem is when we lack the tools we grab at straws and so you can just see desperation but you can see this common theme that people want to fight for a better life.


Kehler says he got rid of his victim mentality and asked for help from a lot of support groups.


The free presentation takes place tomorrow evening at six in the Creighton Community Hall with book signings, coffee, tea and dainties. Kehler says the presentation will be of interest to those wondering about their addictions, those supporting people with addictions and others who are interested.

Our New Emergency Department Will Open April 1st.


Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister toured Flin Flon General Hospital’s new 27.1 million dollars emergency department yesterday.  He says their goal is to help people access better health care sooner adding people were tired of waiting or tired of being in an environment that wasn’t conducive to them getting the care sooner and now they’ll get that care and it’s also a better environment for people who work in the system too as it’s a lot more spacious, a lot more friendly and a lot more likely to introduce healing and recovery for the patients who use it.


Health Region CEO Helga Bryant had praise for the planning and commitment of staff, their patient advisory group and the community who raised 2.4 million dollars through the Northern Health Foundation.  Health Minister Cameron Friesen added it will put the hospital in a strong position to attract and retain health care providers. The new facility includes four stretcher bays, two treatment rooms, a procedure room, a trauma room, a family consult room, an isolation room, an intravenous therapy room, a more efficient waiting room and a decontamination unit.


It Was A Successful Afternoon on the Ice.

The annual Frontier Collegiate Recreation and Junior Council Fishing Derby was held on Neso Lake on number ten highway Sunday afternoon.  The Collegiate’s Shannon Burrows reports first place of one thousand dollars went to Deven Stener of Flin Flon with a 43 and a half inch northern pike, second with 500 dollars to Ida Kozar of Big Island Lake with a 28 and a half inch northern pike and third a gas ice auger to Martin Oulette of Cranberry Portage with at 26 and a half inch northern pike with the 50-50 draw for 345 dollars going to Bev Spence.


Burrows said 121 tickets were sold with the money raised going to the May long weekend camping trip for students at the Collegiate.


Parents Can Learn More About Talking About Cannabis.

Drug Free Kids Canada has launched a new campaign called “Practice Kids” to educate parents and help them navigate the cannabis talk with their teens. The campaign provides many tools, including Facebook Live sessions which give parents an opportunity to learn and practice the cannabis conversation before they have it with their own teen. The first of five Facebook Live sessions is scheduled for this evening at 6 and will give parents across Canada the opportunity to have a live one-on-one “practice” conversation with a teenager about the safe use of cannabis. Research shows that one of the main reason kids stay away from drugs is to not disappoint their parents. This means that when parents have a conversation with their kids they often delay trying cannabis until later in life and in some cases, not at all.  Parents can participate in any one of the five Facebook Live sessions happening once a month from now until July. More information on the sessions, including dates, times and how to sign up, as well as many other cannabis related resources, are available on www.practicekids.ca.


Students Expressed Their Concerns for the Future of Our Community.

A group of student from Many Faces Education Center joined Global Action For Youth on Friday. Teacher Daniel Dillon noted instead of a protest they walked to City Hall for a discussion with Mayor Cal Huntley.


In response to several questions Mayor Huntley explained Council is well aware of climate change and it’s in the background of many decisions they make but things have to be done with consideration for city taxpayers.  To other questions he noted the city doesn’t have a bylaw against idling vehicles, the Recycling Center recycles plastic with Council taking another look at the plastic bag ban issue, on forest fires there are discussions on a fire guard around the community and the city has an emergency plan, regarding the cleanup of Ross Lake the water going in and out is fine but to clean up the lake would require dredging the lake bottom but there plans for the area, there are still answers needed on the effect of Hudbay’s future plans, ideas are being developed for Main Street and students with ideas or an interest in volunteering can contact the city.


MLA Tom Lindsey sent a note congratulating the students on their interest in climate change and their future, noting students will be invited to a Climate Solutions Workshop coming up soon and Mayor Huntley asked them to take part in the Strategic Plan Survey looking at the future of the community for the next four years.


Hudbay Has Expanded Its Holdings in Arizona.

Hudbay has reached an agreement with United Copper and Moly to purchase their 7.95 percent interest in the Rosemont Project in Arizona and to terminate all of UCM’s remaining earn-in and off-take rights for upfront cash consideration of 45 million dollars plus three annual installments of 10 million per year starting on July 1st, 2022.  Hudbay has agreed to release UCM from any and all obligations in relation to the Rosemont Project including project loans representing its proportionate share to joint venture expenditures incurred beyond its initial earn-in investment.  UCM is jointly owned by Korea Resources Corporation and LG International Corporation.


Hudbay intends to evaluate a variety of options including the addition of a new committed joint venture partner for the development of Rosemont.  They expect to carry out this process in parallel with advancing the initial development of the Project with the objective to ultimately hold an approximate 70 percent interest in the project and maintain operatorship.

An Information Session on Your Role in Caregiving is Coming Up Tomorrow.

The Primary Health Care Center is hosting a telehealth session tomorrow evening presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  Their Program Director Norma Kirkby says this session will deal with the stress and guilt of caregiving for someone with a chronic illness.  She explains the presenter Ruth Thomson will talk about how to assess ones situation to look at ways you can reduce your stress by being practical and having realistic expectations of yourself and by using community supports in order that you are not doing all the care on your own.  Kirkby added she will be encouraging people to forgive themselves for times that they don’t measure up to what they hoped they could do.


The session will be held at the Primary Health Care Centre from 6:30 to 8 tomorrow evening.  To register online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca, email alzmb@alzheimer.mb.ca or call 1-800-378-6699.

Students Presented the History of Their Favorite Topics.

The fifth annual Flin Flon School Division Heritage Fair was held at McIsaac School yesterday.  One of the organizers Susanne Westhaver says they had one hundred students from both Ruth Betts and McIsaac Schools exhibit projects.  She says they had sixty-six entries this year and the top three in random order are Ava Williams and Sara Mansell with the One Room School House, Addie Neill with her project on My Great Grandfather Love and Hardship in the Second World War and Cassidy Alexander and Nikki Keramydas with the History of Auto Recycling.


The top sixteen students with their eleven projects will be taking part in the Red River Heritage Fair being held in Winnipeg on May 2nd.  Students from both schools also took part in a series of mini courses throughout the day.


A Northern Camp Continues to Support Children.

At their meeting Wednesday night Flin Flon Lions Club Vice-President Andy Wasylciw presented Simon House Bible Camp with a cheque for five thousand dollars for Camp upgrades.  Camp Director Darrell Janzen told the Club they get 350 to 400 campers per summer at their Camp in Grass River Provincial Park with more than half from Flin Flon and the rest from numerous communities across the north.  He explained they are a Bible Camp so some people kind of assume they are a club for Christian kids but they get about 89 percent of their kids coming from homes that have nothing to do with going to church and they come and have some great experiences learning things like team building, working with some of their peers and one of the things he’s seen is they have kids that come from all kinds of backgrounds, all kinds of abilities, all kinds of whatever and they’re able to work together to accomplish what they need to do.


Janzen added they keep their fees low but have the Sunshine Fund for those who cannot afford camp.  He noted they have a lot of water activities, archery, climbing, drama, games and time for kids to sit and talk with their Camp workers.  He says they need a new climbing wall, another cabin and ongoing maintenance.

A New Ballet Experience is Coming to Flin Flon Next Week.

The Flin Flon Arts Council is presenting the ballet Coppelia A Comedy with Love March 23rd.  The Council’s Crystal Kolt says it’s a performance everyone should see. She says they are super excited about having a co-production with Canada’s Ballet Jorgen which is one of the top Canadian ballet companies along with the Hong Kong Ballet as well so we’re so fortunate.  She adds they’re touring across Canada and it took them a year to be able to come to Flin Flon and it’s going to be a full ballet with the sets and the costumes and the music so it’s the first time in Flin Flon to be able to have that.


Coppelia will be performed Saturday March 23rd at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


Learning Strategies Were Highlighted at the Flin Flon School Board Meeting Tuesday.

Superintendent Constance McLeese updated the most recent Professional Development meeting held on March 6th where Assistant Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne led the leadership academy on special education.  McLeese also updated the Learning Sprint School Improvement Pilot which is currently taking place at Ruth Betts and the Division hopes to have it implemented at Hapnot next year.  The Reading Apprenticeship Team will be in Winnipeg from March 18th to 20th to work on reading strategies.


In her report Board Chair Amy Sapergia-Green congratulated Beatrice Walker for her nomination for President of the Manitoba Teachers Society noting this is the first time a person from Flin Flon has been nominated.

You Can Enjoy the Music of Disney Sunday.

The Creighton Community School choir is holding a musical fundraiser Sunday evening.  Music Director Vanessa Unrau says the choir kids are putting together a show with some newer Disney tunes and some classic favorites in the Karaoke style and it’s going to be a family fun show. She adds they’re fundraising for their music program and right now their focus is on purchasing instruments for their last incoming class to bring them up to their six to twelve full capacity program.


The show takes place Sunday evening at six at Johnny’s Social Club on Green Street with tickets available at the door for 15 dollars for adults and students and children between one and five for five dollars.


A Group of Children Will Demonstrate What They Have Learned About Theatre.

The Flin Flon Arts Council offered a theatre program for children 8 to 14 years old over the past three months.  Organizer Susan Gunn says Monday night the children will demonstrate what they have learned with the Doctor Seuss story Fox in Socks. She explains it’s been a really neat group of kids they have, it was a smaller group this year but they’re all very enthusiastic so they’re very excited to present this.  She adds everybody has worked very hard on this not just on the stage but the same things they touch upon in all their classes so the kids have been showcasing the things they have learned about costuming, prop and set building and everybody has taken a turn at directing, mime and impromptu and the kids always seem to love absurdism so that’s kind of where the Dr. Seuss came out of.


Gunn says the children have invited friends and members of the family to attend the performance Monday at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre. She notes the program will run again next year through the Arts Council and with some financial support they have received from the Rotary Club.




The North Has a Lot to Offer Snowmobilers.

A Northern Manitoba Snowmobile Tourism Strategy was developed at a well attended summit in Snow Lake in November. Laura Finlay with Community Futures North Central Development told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday it is designed to aggressively pursue the goal of making the north a premier snowmobiling destination.  She explained snowmobiling is huge and a lot of people up here have taken it for granted as they’ve got these trails that they can go on these lakes but for people coming from Winnipeg or even further south what we have is a dream come true and it’s amazing and we can really grow our economy with businesses and not just the tourism business but the economy in general because snowmobiling is a huge industry in Manitoba, Canada and the United States.


Travel Manitoba’s Al McLauchlan says they have set priorities that include having tourism infrastructure such as trails in place connecting the north, attractions and events for snowmobilers, tourism and hospitality services available and move forward with marketing and promotion assisted by Tourism Manitoba.  He adds the next step is to hire a Northern Coordinator by this summer and set up committees to develop their priorities.

The 23rd Century Hits the Screen Friday.

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting the film Logan’s Run Friday night.  The group’s Colin Davis says it’ll be a fun evening.  He explains Logan’s Run is a great cult favorite from the 1970s starring Michael York and yes it is dated and people get a smile from the cheesy special effects but it’s a cult favorite because it’s a great story and a lot of fun.


Logan’s Run will be shown Friday night starting later than their usual time with the doors opening at 7:30 and the movie at 8 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre and admission is free.

Your Children Can Help Name Future Police Dogs.

The RCMP are inviting young people across the country to help name thirteen German Shepherd puppies born at the Police Dog Service Training Center.  Inspector Bill Long says the rules are simple.  He points out names must being with the letter M, they must have no more than nine letters, they must be one or two syllables, contestants must live in Canada and be 14 years old or younger, only one entry per child will be eligible and entries must be received by March 26th.


The thirteen children whose puppy names are selected will each receive a laminated 8 by 10 inch photo of the puppy they named, a plush dog called Justice and an official RCMP baseball cap.  For information on how to enter by mail or online go to your favorite search engine and type in Name the Puppy Contest 2019.

Flin Flon RCMP Responded to a Vehicle Pedestrian Accident.

At 9:45 last night the Flin Flon RCMP received a report of a vehicle pedestrian collision on highway ten approximately a kilometer south of the city. The investigation has determined that a pickup truck driven by a 59 year old man from Schist Lake was travelling south when it struck a 35 year old man from Sherridon who was lying on the highway.  The driver of the vehicle stopped at the scene and immediately flagged down another motorist for assistance in contacting 911.


The pedestrian was transported to hospital in critical condition and later flown to Winnipeg and has been upgraded to stable condition.  Flin Flon RCMP and an RCMP Forensic Collision Reconstructionist continue to investigate.



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