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Diplomas and Awards Highlighted a Celebration Last Night.


Eight out of ten graduates from Many Faces Education Center in Flin Flon received their diplomas along with awards last night. Two were unable to attend


The Governor General’s Bronze Medallion was presented to the top student Trina Bear who also received the MLA Tom Lindsey bursary and a Many Faces Alumni bursary.  Other Alumni bursaries went to Sheila Aniscol, Payton Sewap and Raylene Spence.  Raylene Spence also received the Art Wahlenberg Memorial bursary and the Women’s Resource Center bursary.  A bursary from the Flin Flon Motorcycle Association went to Sheila Aniscol as well as one from the Health Auxiliary, from Flin Flon School Division for top average to Christina Mckay along with the Founders Bursary and one from the United Steelworkers Local 7106.  A bursary from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers went to Angelo Rizzotti along with a UCN scholarship and Payton Sewap also received the Tri Service Volunteerism bursary.


Speakers praised the grads for their hard work advising them anything is possible as you end one journey and begin another.























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