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The SPCA is Focusing on Funding This Year.

At the Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA annual meeting Tuesday President Erica Husberg reported 2018 was a year of financial struggle.  She explained the cost to run the shelter was 138 thousand dollars noting their expenses overtook their income by 55 thousand dollars due to an increase in their vet bills, donations and fundraising were down significantly, there was no grant money but they showed an increase in merchandise sales and their low income spay neuter program. During the year their intake was 43 cats and 77 dogs. She says going forward for this year they need to concentrate on fundraising and grant writing. They have four vacant Board positions they would like to fill.


Husberg also noted the passing in June of Debbie Ramsey who was involved in starting the SPCA and the overwhelming response to her family’s request for donations for a catio in her memory with construction underway and a dedication planned in September.  She also gave special recognition to Shannon Thompson, Sherry Barnett, Lori Guitard, Glen Rideout and Gayle Yungwirth for their continued hard work and dedication to the SPCA.

Shopping Will Take Place All Over Cranberry Portage Tomorrow.

The Cranberry Portage Child and Family Resource Centre is hosting their annual community yard sale tomorrow.  Their Executive Director Debbie McLauchlan says they have 17 yard sale locations booked so far with your first stop at the Legion for maps.  She says as well there will be coffee and lunch up there and they’ve got Dawn Johnson with her baking, Young Living Essential Oils and the Grace Church has a couple of yard sale tables there and then there are sales throughout the town. She mentions there’s an estate sale, Caribou Lodge is clearing out a bunch of fishing, camping, hunting and outdoor gear, a pretty broad variety of items available for people.


The sale runs from 9:30 to 1:30 tomorrow in Cranberry Portage and they will also have their first Artisan Market on the museum grounds from 11 to 3 featuring a variety of crafters, food producers and other artisans to showcase their items.

Our MLA Introduced a Bill in Support of Non-Medical Escorts.

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey told the Legislature the Northern Patient Transport Program provides an essential service to rural and northern Manitobans.  He stated he was honored to stand and bring forward Bill 235 the Emergency Medical Response and Stretcher Transportation Amendment Act for the House’s consideration.  He explained traveling out of your home community to seek the care you need alone can be difficult particularly coming out of some of the northern communities. He said this act would require that financial assistance be provided for non-medical escorts which includes any person who provides support and assistance to the person seeking care.


This was first reading of the Bill in the Legislature.

Award Presentations were Part of the Flin Flon City Council Meeting Tuesday.

Mayor Cal Huntley presented the Northern Manitoba Tourism Award for Event of the Year to Ted Elliott representing the Blueberry Jam Music Gathering.  This was the first year for these awards which were announced in late April at a tourism gathering in The Pas.  Mayor Huntley stated he really wants to acknowledge the committee for their work on putting on the first music gathering last August and looks forward to the Gathering being held again this August with a given that it will be better than ever with 58 entertainers last year and over 70 booked for this year.


Fire Chief Chad Cooper reported on the  Stairclimb Challenge he and three firefighters took part in in Calgary May 5th which involved climbing 775 vertical feet on 1204 steps in the Bow Building one of western Canada’s tallest building in support of firefighters and citizens living with cancer. James Doak completed the climb in 15 minutes 34 seconds, Aaron Simon 22:24, Chad Cooper 31:05 and Nathan Elliott 35:25.The team raised 3070 dollars with a total of 393 thousand dollars raised by 567 firefighters from Canada and the United States who attended.   


A Lot of Shopping Will Take Place in Creighton Saturday.

The annual Creighton Community Yard Sale is coming up on Saturday from 9 to 1.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says it’s held in conjunction with spring clean up week.  She reports they have 15 yards that have registered for the community yard sale starting on Saturday at 9 and the idea of the yard sale is to continue throughout the weekend with anything you don’t want to keep you can leave it in your front yard free for the taking for anybody coming by and anything that you don’t want to take back in can be left out for their spring clean up which will be running through the remainder of next week.


Maps with yard sale locations can be picked up at the Creighton Recreation office, Petro Can or Di’s Confectionary.


Flin Flon is Hosting Manitoba's Best Mine Rescue Teams this Weekend.

The provincial mine rescue competition is being held at the Triple Seven Mine tomorrow and Saturday.  Hudbay’s Emergency Preparedness and Security Officer Marshall Manns says four teams are involved in the competition including Hudbay Flin Flon, Hudbay Snow Lake, Vale Thompson and Tanco Lac Du Bonnet.  He explains all the teams will be put through an underground problem, there’ll be a first aid scenario, they’ll be given a fire fighting task, a written exam, there’ll also be a practical skills competition and also a member from each mine rescue station will be competing in a technical competition.


The Flin Flon team is made up of Mike Desjarlais Captain, Rob Johnson, Jarrod Ritch, Mike Bassham, Vice-Captian Dave Green, Director of Operations Phil Cardell and Kelly Willets will take the Technicians competition.  From Snow Lake Captain Aldon Kowalchuk, Tyler Irving, Jordan Riley, Travis Fedak, Technician Bernard Fourie and Spare Marlin Bonyai.


There Are Ongoing Plans Developing for Main Street.

The Flin Flin and District Chamber of Commerce heard about plans being developed by the Main Street Revitalization Task Force Tuesday.  The Committee’s Kory Eastman explained they are a volunteer group aiming to develop a healthy, safe and viable Main Street noting they are accessing an approach that was followed by Maple Creek Saskatchewan that resulted in 20 new businesses, 50 new jobs and increased sales and tourist visits. He said there are the Main Street four points which deal with having a community organization, promotion, design and heritage of Main Street and economic restructuring that must occur through this process.  He added he wouldn’t go into each of the points as that is the work of the Task Force and later the committee but just to let you know there is a structure, a format, something they are following and they want to learn from communities that have had success in the past.

              Their first project is the Main Street ARTery opening June 13th that we told you about yesterday.  Eastman says they are now developing a Board and will be looking for volunteers including those with needed skills as well as support from local merchants as they move forward with their long term plans.

Exploration is Increasing in the Creighton Area.

Saskatchewan’s Targeted Mineral Exploration Incentive is leading to increased drilling activity for base metals, precious metals and minerals in a defined target area near Creighton.  A government release states this is creating tangible opportunities for future mining investment in the province.


Seven successful applications were received for the 2018-19 incentive program indicating a total of 110 new drill holes and proposed expenditures of more than 6.5 million dollars in the eligibility area. Eligible companies will received a grant of up to 50 thousand dollars per year for drilling in the targeted area. Two projects mentioned include the Janice Lake copper project and MAS Gold Corp in the La Ronge Green Belt.


In addition to the Targeted Incentive the Mineral Development Strategy increases the number of airborne geophysical surveys targeting an area of base metal potential west and southwest of Creighton, Flin Flon and Denare Beach and ground based geological investigations in northeast Saskatchewan by the Saskatchewan Geological Survey.

The City Financial Plan Was Presented at a Public Meeting Tuesday Night.

Treasurer Lyn Brown reported the total budget is 13.7 million dollars up slightly from just over 13.6 million last year.  The Special Services Levy has decreased from 654 dollars to 395 this year due to a lower population that allows for a change from a federal to a provincial RCMP contract.


The total mill rate for residential is 48.61mills up 12.86 percent from last year and commercial 58.38 mills up 10.48 percent.  It was noted the Flin Flon School Division represents 44 percent of the total mill rate. A home assessed at 50 thousand dollars will see a decrease in taxes of 134 dollars while a home assessed at 200 thousand dollars will see an increase of 239 dollars.  Mayor Cal Huntley pointed out the special services levy went down so they couldn’t balance the property tax change which they could have done if the province allowed them to use a base tax.


Larger expenditures this year include upgrades and renovations to the Public Works bus garage, major repairs to the Whitney Forum, critical utility upgrades as well as work on ball diamonds, City Hall, Aqua Centre, playgrounds and parks.

You Can Help Protect Our Lakes.

The Citizens Protection of Water Committee in Cranberry Portage has a warning about the invasive species zebra mussels.  The committee’s Ron Black says the can damage our lakes, they’re in southern Manitoba, they’re not here yet and can only get here on water related equipment.  He explains every time they get their boat out of the water or if they go to another lake clean it, wash it off, dry bait wells and pull those drain plugs.  He notes the province this year is starting to enforce the rules and set fines so if we are caught transporting our boat with our drain plug installed it’s a 237 dollar fine so pull the drain plugs, keep the boat dry and clean before it goes into another body of water, that’s our insurance against transporting the zebra mussels.


For more information on zebra mussels go online to www.manitoba.ca/stopais.


Local Art is Coming to Main Street Next Month.

The Main Street Revitalization Task Force has announced the opening of the Main ARTery.  This project will display banners featuring work by local artists on Flin Flon’s Main Street as well as some areas of Creighton and Denare Beach. The Committee’s Treasure Daneliuk says the unveiling celebration will be held on Main Street on Thursday June 13th from 5 to 7.  She says many artists entered work to their selection process.  She explains the chosen pieces will be highlighted up and down Main Street and beyond.  This project is expected to expand over the coming years and will enhance both the local and visitor experience while providing a no cost gallery for families and tourists to enjoy. They are calling out to all businesses, residents and community leaders to come out and support the first step to Main Street revitalization adding they share a proven belief that when a community’s main street core is strong it will contribute to the integrity and economic wellbeing of our region and together we will celebrate the first step to our revitalization.


Events planned for the 13th include a Wine and Cheese at Mugsy’s Deli patio, Sidewalk Chalk Art at Pioneer Square sponsored by the Flin Flon Public Library, Children’s Art Storefront Exhibit and buskers to entertain you.


Your Donation Will Support the War Amps Amputee Program.

You should have received your War Amps key tags in the mail. Their Public Affairs Officer James Jordan explains if you lose your keys the finder can call the number on the back of the tag or drop them in any mail box and they will be returned to you free.  He says they rely on donations for their work so any donation is appreciated and its goes to fund programs for amputees across the country such as the Child Amputee Program which provides financial assistance for artificial limbs for kids not only in our province or our community but also right across the country and also emotional assistance through many of their programs for amputees.


 Jordan adds they have returned over 1.5 million sets of keys to their owners since they started the key service over 70 years ago to support returning war amputee veterans.


Two Grass Fires Were Quickly Put Out.

The Flin Flon Fire Department was called out at 7:26 last night.  They found two grass fires one between the Victoria Inn and Canadian Tire and the other behind the Extra Foods building.  Fire Chief Chad Cooper says they were quickly contained.  He adds the cause is suspicious and being investigated.


Two Retailers Have Been Selected for Cannabis Sales in Flin Flon.

Last July the province requested applications from potential retailers interested in operating cannabis retail stores in seven Manitoba communities including Flin Flon.  Random draws have been made with one ballot for each community as well as a second standby ballot.


The selected retailer for Flin Flon is a numbered business 10552763 Canada Corporation Garden Variety with the standby retailer Auxly Cannabis Group incorporated.  Selected retailers have been asked to confirm within ten days whether or not they are interested in opening a store in the community they were drawn for and if not the opportunity will be presented to the standby retailer drawn.  Once confirmed retailers will enter into written agreements with the province and can begin the process to open their stores including securing the necessary permits from the communities and receiving a license from the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority.


You Can Help Cleaning Up the Community.

The City of Flin Flon Spring clean up is getting underway.  Foreman Sheldon Farkus says there are two ways to participate. He explains what they’re asking you to do is put whatever items you want in the same spot as your garbage pickup and that you sort the items based on the material they’re made of just to help in the clean up and they’ll look after it from there. He adds if you don’t want to wait for them to make it around to your area it’s also free to go out to the landfill and get rid of it yourself.


The free drop off at the landfill starts tomorrow and runs until Friday June 14th and home pickup takes place on the same day as your regular garbage day starting this coming Tuesday until the following Monday.


The Arts in Flin Flon Have Received Provincial Recognition.

The Manitoba Arts Council has revealed the recipients of its first round of the Prizes in the Arts. The Rural Recognition Award goes to the Flin Flon Arts Council. In nominating the Arts Council for the Award the Manitoba Arts Networks Rose-Anne Harder wrote the Flin Flon Arts Council believes that arts and culture are the heart of any community.  They provide numerous initiatives to support and promote arts and culture in their community including donating complimentary tickets to students and seniors.  Always searching for new youth initiatives the Flin Flon Arts Council is one of the few art councils that has a youth representative on their Board. Concluding because of the Flin Flon Arts Council Flin Flon has proven to be a driving cultural force in northern Manitoba.


The prize recipients were selected by a peer jury and will be awarded a ten thousand dollar prize in recognition of the high quality of their work and all the contributions they have made to the arts in our province, Canada and beyond.  The Prizes in the Arts reception will take place June 18th at the Forks in Winnipeg.


The Flin Flon School Board Heard an Update on the Division Hockey Program.

Tuesday night teacher Rob Abbott gave the Board a presentation on the success of the Division’s Hockey Academy which is also run by Craig McIntosh and Steve Lytwyn.  The program is open to all students male and female with the target to give students who would not have the opportunity a chance to participate.  Abbott stated that about sixty percent of the students involved each year never played hockey and not many could even skate.  Students are up early and at the rink ready to play and learn ultimately improving their skills.  The Academy kicks off in the first weeks of September and runs until early March.  Abbott says he thinks the program is awesome and thanked the Board and the Rotary Club for their continued support and the Academy is looking forward to another successful year.


In her report Superintendent Constance McCleese congratulated Amber Zerbin, Miranda Bowman, Daniel Dillon and Steve Lytwyn on completing their Masters of Education Degrees this year.


The RCMP Will be Keeping a Closer Watch on Your Driving Habits.

This is Canada Road Safety Week which is a national campaign to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world.  Manitoba RCMP report this week has been chosen as it’s the first summer long weekend so more people are travelling on the roads and traffic collisions are more frequent.  Police vehicles will be stationed at key locations around the province to remind people that safe driving habits save lives and reduce injuries on our roads.

They note whether you drive a car, motorcycle, bicycle or are a pedestrian it’s important that you focus on the road, pay attention and be aware of changes in your surroundings at all times.


As part of Road Safety Week the RCMP will be participating in National Impaired Driving Day Monday which will involve additional resources throughout the province conducting checkstops and additional traffic enforcement. They report they have responded to 15 fatal collisions this year that were preventable so buckle up, put the phone down, drive sober and slow down.


Support is Available for People Interested in Starting, Expanding or Buying a Business.

Manager of Community Futures Greenstone Becky Cianflone reports they have partnered with Community Futures Visions North in Saskatchewan to present a Lender Coffee Chat.  She explains they are bringing together lenders and service providers who work with entrepreneurs from both Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  She adds it’s a free event and people can just show up so if you are thinking about starting a business and not sure where to start, maybe looking for some capital, looking to expand you can come by the Prospector Inn banquet room May 27th from 3 to 7 and just chat with the folks about what your next steps might be.


For more information you can call the Greenstone office at 204-687-6967 or Visions North at 306-424-2612.


Cadets from 2-3-2-8 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp Received Awards Monday Night for their Work Over The Past Year.

The highest award available to cadets the Lord Strathcona Trust Medal for exemplary performance was presented to Curtis Dumas who also received the Captain W. A. Sweeney Trophy for general proficiency for a senior cadet and the Ubique Trophy for recruiting.  The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73 Legion Medal for excellence and performance went to Eden Morris, the CWO Fisher Trophy for general proficiency for a junior cadet to Kenneth Morris, the Sergeant J.A. Horrocks Trophy for dress and deportment to Jemedie Morris who also received the Major M.J. Naylor Trophy for dedication and commitment and the Cadet Corps Award for best attendance, the Lieutenant Colonel F. S. Gira Trophy for citizenship to Zarine Grindle, the Second Lieutenant M. Beauchamp Trophy for most improved cadet to Keestan Montgrand who also received the Army Cadet League of Manitoba Award for best first year cadet.


The Cadet’s Sponsor group presented plaques to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73, the Legion Ladies Auxiliary and the Flin Flon Ski Club for their ongoing support.



Lunches are Again Available for High School Students on Thursdays.

First Baptist Church Pastor Jim Galbraith reports lunches for high school students from Hapnot, Many Faces and Creighton Schools will again be available starting tomorrow and they’re going to do it for four straight Thursdays.  He says they’re hosting it at St. Ann’s Church Hall noting the Catholics have been very generous to allow them to use their facilities which are right across the street from Hapnot and Many Faces adding they’re going to offer lunches from 12 to 1 as they don’t want kids cutting classes or anything like that they just want to reach out to them and give them a chance to come over and enjoy a good hot lunch with friends.


Galbraith adds the lunches as always will be free of charge. He notes the final lunch will be a burger barbeque on the first Thursday in June.



The Arts Council Said Thank You to the City With a Picture.

At the Mamma Mia concert Saturday night the Flin Flon Arts Council showed their appreciation for city support.  Arts Council President Linda Allen presented Mayor Cal Huntley with a picture.  She explained the Arts Council wanted to give the City of Flin Flon this picture in appreciation of all the support they have received from the city over many years.  She said the picture is of a hockey player holding a ballerina and it is from the founder of Culture Days Jean Giguere and they felt it really represents our city so well and shows that arts and culture and sports go hand in hand and that is a big part of what makes Flin Flon such a wonderful place to live and also the fact that we all support each other.


Allen added they look forward to many more years of working with the city.




You Can Hear the Best in Jazz Tomorrow Night.

Bands and soloists will be performing at the annual Hapnot Jazz Night tomorrow night.  Band Instructor Kim Jones says admission is ten dollars at the door and this will include two hours of entertainment from their choir, their jazz bands and their soloists so the students have a chance to be accompanied by a community house band that’s composed of teachers, Hapnot alumni and community members. She adds they also will get refreshments and desserts served at intermission and it’s always a really fun night and one of their favorite concerts of the year.


The concert starts at 7 tomorrow night in the Hapnot Collegiate Gym.

Creighton School Students Are Learning About Bike Safety.

Creighton Community School is running their annual bike safety program this week.  School Coordinator Carol Sutherland explains it teaches students valuable lessons and the theme for this year’s Bike Safety Week is to Build Safe Bikers.  She says during this week students will learn the rules of the road and safety tips such as wearing a helmet on every ride.  She notes students will be practicing for the rodeo today and tomorrow with the actual rodeo taking place on Thursday.  If anyone is available to volunteer feel free to give the school a call at 306-688-5138.


Sutherland adds last week students learned lessons about bike safety in the classroom with two members of the Creighton RCMP.


An Evening of Fun and Food is Being Held at Creighton School.

Creighton Community School is holding its annual Spring Community Night tomorrow.  School Coordinator Carol Sutherland says the evening starts at 5 at the school and the School Community Council invites students, their families, community members and staff to an evening of fun, a complimentary barbeque, a scavenger hunt, cultural connections and a gardening station.  She says everyone is welcome to attend and there will be transportation to and from Denare Beach with pick up at the Band Hall at 4:30 and at the Alpine at 4:40 returning at approximately 7:45. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Sutherland adds the event is made possible through funding received from the Community Initiative Fund, Cameco Creative Kids, Sasktel and the School Community Council.


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