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Increases and Cuts Have to Stop.


During his visit to Flin Flon last week Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont commented on the upcoming provincial budget.  Lamont says they met with the Finance Minister with the message to stop hydro rate increases that people can’t afford, make sure you spend what you’re promising and stop making cuts.  He says we can’t cut our way out of debt, we have to work out of it and that’s the real solution, we’ve got to focus on growth and growing revenues. He notes that’s true in Winnipeg, in rural Manitoba, on reserves, in northern Manitoba, you name it, we’ve got to focus on jobs, that’s the number one thing.


Lamont says he is touring the province to introduce himself to Manitobans and as we reported last wek they are collecting stories about what Manitobans are concerned about in the health care system because it doesn’t appear the government has a plan.



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