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Our MLA Has Raised Student Concerns in the Manitoba Legislature.



  Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey tabled in the Legislature a list of questions from grade 6 and 7 students from Lynn Lake. He said the questions shed light on the economic and social realities that community is facing noting one question asked why can’t we drink the water explaining Lynn Lake has been under a boil water advisory for many years.  Health workers at the Town Center reported serious health issues in children that they believe are related to the water so Lynn Lake needs a safe drinking water system so kids don’t have to worry about drinking from the tap.  Lindsey says another question asks can we please have a mental health facility adding isolated communities like Lynn Lake have a steady rising rate of mental illness due to the absence of enough treatment beds, daytime services and a lack of a hopeful future.


Other questions raised by the students were on the need for recreation facilities, a cultural center, more security and a homeless shelter and food bank. Lindsey concluded the Premier can help with answers back to the students and he can take action so that kids stop worrying what will happen to their families and start being kids.



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