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Our MLA Went After the Premier in the Legislature Wednesday Over Hudbay Job Losses.

MLA Tom Lindsey asked Premier Brian Pallister several times in question period if his government has a plan for the people of Flin Flon and the north. He stated we’ve seen this government make cuts to health care that affect the people of Flin Flon and maybe their plan is that soon there won’t be anybody left living in Flin Flon because 900 plus jobs may disappear in 2021. He said they’ve asked repeatedly for this government to explain what their plan is for the north and so far all they’ve said is we’re going to have a Look North plan someday adding right now people in Flin Flon need to know that this government is going to do something to help them to help their community to survive.


Pallister criticized the NDP for doing nothing while they were in power adding we are keeping our promises to the people of Flin Flon and to Manitoba of focusing on fixing our finances, on repairing our services and on rebuilding our economy and referred to their Look North Plan adding we have optimism about the north we believe the Golden Boy looks north for a good reason to which Lindsey replied the Golden Boy does look north unfortunately the Premier does not.

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