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A Presentation Opened Tuesday Nights Flin Flon City Council Meeting.


At the start of the meeting Fire Chief Chad Cooper announced the promotion of Damian Dominey from Fire Fighter to Fire Lieutenant.  Cooper said Dominey has shown dedication to the Fire Department and the community and his role with the Department will now include leadership, training and promoting fire prevention.


Councilor Guy Rideout reminded resident it’s time to remove vehicles being stored on the street in order not to interfere with snow removal.


Council approved their committee list for this term.  Mayor Cal Huntley said he amalgamated the responsibilities of some of the committees with the idea of being more efficient in achieving their goals.  He also mentioned one of Council’s priorities will be lobbying the province for seniors housing as seniors are a major part of our community and we need proper affordable housing to keep them here.


Councilor Karen MacKinnon mentioned several Councilors attended the recent Linkages Conference in The Pas and she left with a lot of enthusiasm for what is happening in the north.  Councilor Colleen McKee added she learned Flin Flon is not the only community that has to diversify as well as the real need to form partnerships.



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