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Art Activities for Kids Continue This Month.



The Norva Centre has been offering a variety of classes for kids again this summer.  Summer student Neal Smedegaard says they have six classes this month along with decorating the Pride float.  He explains next week they’re going to have two classes going on by Cindy McLean, Cling Film and Milk Prints as well as Lady Bug and Tadpole Tic Tac Toe. The week after that is going to be the Pride float building and then the week after that they’re going to do Kalimba building and Kalimbas are a small thumb piano where you play kind of percussion music and you’re going to be building your own as well as decorating them and after that they’re doing Batik Shirts which is similar to tie dye.  He adds the week after that has acrylic painting on the 29th as well as watercolors on the 31st.


You can find out more on the Norva Facebook page, their website www.norvacentre.com, call 204-687-4237 or drop in at 177 Green Street.



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