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Hapnot Students Will Be Sharing Some Special Projects.


A group of grade nine students at Hapnot Collegiate taking part in a 20 Time Project want to share their ideas with you.  Teacher Daniel Dillon explains its project based learning for students in his technology class. He says they guide them through to develop their skills in regards to presentation, dealing with their stress, organization, outreach to the community, collaboration, listening and respecting others and he’s also teaching them the digital tools to work smarter and not harder through their data collection, research, journaling, their reflections and contacting people via professional emails.


Dillon adds this year’s projects are based around videography, photography, the medical field, learning languages, mental health, brain injuries, crafts, self driving vehicles and 3D printers.  Anyone interested can attend the presentation by the students Friday evening at 6 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.



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