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Fire Fighters Hit the Water Wednesday Night.


Members of the Flin Flon Fire Department demonstrated their new rescue boat Wednesday night.  The boat was purchased for the Fire Department by the Flin Flon Rotary Club. Fire Chief Chad Cooper says they’ll make good use of the boat as the RDC unit for water rescue is very versatile and they’ll be using it for water rescue, ice rescue and snowmobile rescue. He explains basically it’s an inflatable boat that is highly durable for all conditions and blows up in 30 seconds so they can quickly deploy it, head out on the water or out on the ice, rescue the person, bring them back to shore and get them to medical services right away.


Rotary Club President Colleen Arnold presented Cooper with a cheque for 6717 dollars to cover the cost of the rescue boat with Cooper noting partnerships like this are critical to improving services for our community.



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